Inmarsat iSAT Phone Pro II

phone pro 2
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Custom Kit Includes:

  • IsatPhone 2 Handheld Satellite Phone
  • Standard battery
  • Hands-free earpiece
  • Micro-USB data kit
  • DC car charger (allows input range of 10 to 30 VDC)
  • AC wall charger with 4-piece international plug kit
  • Belt Holster
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB Thumbdrive with drivers and documentation
  • GlobaFone nylon carry case with GlobaFone 24/7 Customer Support card and GlobaFone pen
  • GlobaFone LED Flashlight

– Dependable connectivity
– High voice quality
– Voicemail, text and email messaging
– Extended battery capacity
– Assistance button – sends GPS location data and
– Text to pre-set emergency number
– Tracking – sends location information
– Bluetooth for hands-free use
– Incoming call alerts with antenna stowed
Ergonomic and ruggedised handset

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