ASE Com Center Iridium Fixed-Site Phone

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ComCenter includes:

  • ASE ComCenter Fixed Site Satellite Phone
  • A/C power cord
  • DC power cord
  • User guide
  • Quick start guide
  • NOTE: You will need an antenna and cable to install ComCenter as well as service activation. Call us for the best advice on your options.
·    RJ-11 (POTS) for PABX, standard phones, or wireless base station
·    RJ-45 Intelligent Privacy Handset interface for voice or texting
·    SmartDial simplified dialing sequence
·    Audio Status Tones
·    Ethernet connectivity provides versatile IP-based satellite data interface
·    IP Port Forwarding for machine-to- machine (M2M) and VSAT Diagnostics
·    Configurable periodic reports ensure and enhance overall system resilience
·    GPS option with configurable periodic reports provides low-cost tracking solution
·    Third Party Apps: e-mail, weather info, blog
·    SMS TEXTING with Embedded ASE SatChat
·    Real-time diagnostic, event, and call logs
·    Crew calling and scratch card support    
·    Highly visible status indicators
·    Built-in audible ringer
·    Wide operating range: 10-36VDC
–    Universal AC/DC and Vehicle DC power adapters included
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