Maximizing Your SatCom Budget with Your Provider

GlobaFone remains the leader in providing exceptional client care in the Mobile Satellite Solutions (MSS) market. Sure, price is important but how your provider takes care of you is MORE important.  Our focus is on exceptional client care, not just cheap stuff.

GlobaFone is your best choice for your Iridium service for these reasons (and more!):

  1. We’re one of the most experienced SatCom Service Providers at 19+ years
  2. We offer competitive pricing with the absolute best client care in the industry – the undisputed best overall value for your organization’s budget. And your sanity!
  3. We invented many of the enhancements you see available today:
    1. Inclusive minute plans
    2. Pooled airtime
    3. Customized invoicing
    4. The legendary GlobaFone kit
    5. All others are copies of the GlobaFone originals!
  4. When you change providers you need to swap SIM cards and we have it down to a fine art form. We’ve done dozens of SIM card swaps from two to over 200.  In fact as you read this we are engaged in two SIM swap projects, each just under 100 SIM cards each.
  5. Click HERE to see how easy it is to swap an Iridium SIM card

When you get right down to it, GlobaFone offers you immense value for your time and budget, not just an artificially low price.  You want to be sure that when you or your staff are immersed in an emergency and need help, your SatCom provider will answer.  Switch to GlobaFone and find out what it’s like to have a real partner in your success.