Dare You To Wait A Year….

As an optimist, I have a hard time listening to the doom and gloom that are so pervasive; it’s as if the evening newscasters enjoy all the negative items on which they report.  I don’t understand.  If thoughts create feelings and feelings create actions and actions create results, why would you mire yourself in all the negativity?  I’ve come to accept that some people are just miserable no matter what happens.  Kind of like the shareholders who would call us (when I was in the financial service sector a lifetime ago) to complain that they had capital gains due because the fund made MORE money than expected.  So let’s see…. You have a $45 tax bill but made $300.  And the problem is…..?

With this as the backdrop, here is my blog offering this week.  Looking forward to see what lies ahead in 2014…….

  • As Iridium draws closer to the launch of NEXT, will it be the potential game changer for the MSS industry?  What Mb data speeds will we see on a handheld phone?
  • Globalstar currently HAS the most advanced second-generation constellation.  Will Jay Monroe’s magic hand continue as he looks to upgrade gateways and develop a handset that is capable of running the Gen2 services?  Or will the spectrum value shine brighter in the shareholder’s eyes and send Globalstar the way of Terrestar? (Both have ‘star’ in the name.  Coincidence? Hmmm…)
  • What will Inmarsat do with Global Express as it launches and comes up to service?  Who will sign on and will it be profitable business for Inmarsat.  Current rumors are that money-losing deals are in the works and there are no pricing models to be had as yet (then how are they signing up subscribers….) Will iSAT ever really threaten Iridium?
  • Is M2M really the massive growth opportunity everyone says it is?  Are we really going the route of allowing machines to run our world?  Didn’t War Games cover this?
  • Is O3B really the saving grace for the other 3 billion?  Will high-speed data services make such a dramatic difference in the lives of indigenous, tribal cultures?  Or is it really a tool to cure the rampant poverty around the world?
  • Will KVH’s continued determination de-rail Global Xpress before it gets going?   Is the lower speed and corresponding lower prices a strong enough value-proposition?


There are many more questions to ask.  What is YOUR perspective?  Feel free to e-mail me at l-dot-altman-at-globafone-dot-com.  And hold on – 2014 is going to be a wild ride…..

Thanks for reading