A Simple ‘Thank You’ Will Do

Jay Collins. Ben Smith. Paul Donovan. Ken LeMoult.  Paul Smith.  Five guys I know from various stages of my life.  None of them really know each other (except Ben and Ken as we all went to college together).  But they have one common thread.  And we celebrate that today.

They all served the United States of America in the military and for that we thank them.  We all see members of the armed forces all the time – mostly in airports for me.  Do you pass them by?   Or do you extend a hand, thank them, offer to buy them a cup of coffee, trade seats on a plane (if you fly first class)?   I once got five service men and women upgraded to first class by simply asking the gate agent.  A small token that may have meant the world to all of them, flying military style for however long. 

Their reactions are mixed: Some are grateful, some are embarrassed, some are uneasy.  But all are appreciative in their own way, although it may not come across to us.  They do not consider themselves to be the heroes they are. 

Serving is a sacrifice.  GlobaFone’s business touches many who do serve and their families.  Imagine committing your life to go into harm’s way to defend your country.  We’ve heard from people on the front lines, we’ve heard from families of those who serve.  “This phone saved our lives”.  True stories.  Our clients face situations where they can die – and in a not so subtle or pleasant way.  This is what service men and women can face daily.

For these reasons we say a very grateful and heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to our veterans and active service men and women.  

PS – Jay Collins owns MaxEdge Fitness Training in Hampton, NH.  If you live in the seacoast area, you have to check it out.  Workouts like nothing you’ve ever done before.