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April 2008 – Voice and high-speed data in one device?

In the past , when evaluating data solutions, odds are you’ve had to make a decision as to which was more important to you:

  • Spending less on your hardware and accepting slow data rates
  • Spending more on your hardware for terminals that support higher data rates

Here is a great way to have both lower hardware costs and high speed data! Introducing the

The costs about the same as an Iridium , comes with a handset for making calls and enables you to connect to ’s BGAN service at 240K up/384K down.

Measuring just 10” by 8” by 2” and weighing less than 4 lbs, is highly portable, lightweight and simple to use. Simply point at the satellite, plug into your laptop, plug in the handset and you are live, ready to go.

us or call us on 800-826-6152 and we’ll send you a full spec sheet on this powerful yet portable terminal.