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February 2008 – Are you ready for Hurricane Season?

Have you or your people ever had to provide support during and after a hurricane but didn’t have the satellite communications you needed?

If you answer yes, then you know, first-hand the frustration of not being able to perform your critical tasks and job responsibilities. Let’s face it: are serious business. They bring dangerous winds, torrential rain, destructive tides and the resulting flooding. The most recently memorable hurricane is of course and while enormous category 5 storms like Katrina are not the norm, hurricanes are part of life in the coastal United States. Hurricanes happen; maybe not this year, but they happen.

Every year the Colorado State University researcher team Philip J, Klotzbach and William M. Gray issue their coming season prediction. This year they are calling for an above-average season with 13 named storms, 7 hurricanes and 3 intense hurricanes. Even thought there is still snow and ice on the ground, now is the time to prepare for the coming season. Click here for their full report:

The complex destructive nature of hurricanes means there are numerous ways that your normal communications will be disrupted: wind will take down cell and radio towers. Rain and flooding can wipe out landlines, switching stations and cell and radio base stations. Your entire communications could be destroyed or rendered useless. Look at history and realize that are the only truly reliable solution when all else fails. Now is the time to develop your program. Ask us how!