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April 2008 – Test Your Satellite Phone Week

Globafone Joins Industry in Encouraging to Prepare for before They Strike

Globafone is a primary Satcom supplier to First and , so we support in promoting the second annual “Test Your Satellite Phone” Week, which kicks off on May 25, 2008.  

Typically hurricane season, which starts June 1, heightens demand for preparedness vigilance, primarily across the southern and eastern US coastlines.  Satcom has repeatedly been demonstrated as the most reliable source of during and after a disaster because there is minimal reliance on terrestrial systems which are usually destroyed or compromised.    

The goal of “Test Your ” Week is to increase user knowledge and help users confirm that the critical communication services are working properly BEFORE they’re needed in an emergency.  Unfortunately, emergency workers frequently turn to their following a disaster only to  discover they don’t know how to use them, or the batteries are not charged so the phone is not ready for use.  As with other activities, monthly testing is highly recommended by the industry.

At Globafone we advocate testing and training on your every month to ensure everyone knows how to use the phones should the need arise. The number one issue after was that people didn’t know how to use their .
So be sure to participate in ’Test Your Week’ so you know how to use one of your most important emergency tools.