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The Top 10 Reasons to Own Iridium Satellite Phones

10)  Global coverage:  There simply is no other satellite phone that offers coverage over every square foot of our big blue planet.  Iridium works everywhere!

9) Network reliability: At any time there always one, usually two, and frequently three satellites overhead.  That means that no matter where you are, odds are you will pick up the network and get calling pronto.

8) Many options:  Iridium has a couple of handheld phones to choose form as well as Vale-Added partners that build fixed phones, docking stations, specialty products – all kinds of solutions for whatever you need.

7) A full kit: When you buy an Iridium phone, it comes with a wall charger with international plugs, a car charger, phone case, mag-mount antenna, antenna adapter, hands free and a User Guide.  It is the most complete handheld phone kit available

6) Tough guy, eh?  The Iridium 9575 phone is the first mil-spec phone built to take the harshest abuse.  It is designed to withstand shock, water and dust.  My teenagers cannot break it.

5) Built-in GPS: Iridium is the only provider that offers GPS tracking capability and an SOS panic button.  Think about the lives put at risk looking for lost hikers (for example), which could easily be found at the press of a button.

4) Value-Added Service Providers: In most cases when you buy an Iridium phone, you’ll receive it in a box and you have to set it up; kind of a pain, but not too bad if you are setting up just one phone.  A nightmare if you are setting up 20, 50, 80 phones.  Providers like GlobaFone of Portsmouth, NH will set up and assemble your phone so you can use it right out of the shipping box.

3) Resources to learn how to use the phone: There are at least a dozen videos that demonstrate how to use your Iridium phone to make and receive calls and voicemail.

2) Pooling airtime: Iridium is the only network under which your Service Provider can create a custom pooled airtime plan.  Many do not, but it is important for you to know it is possible and if your provider doesn’t pool airtime that is a choice they make that costs you more money.

1) Piece of mind: You have an Iridium satellite phone.  You have the most reliable satellite phone with the broadest coverage in the world.

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provide access to voice and data communications from almost any location on the planet. They offer easy operation, dependable service, reasonable rates and a wide range of functionality. Some familiar names are , and .

Unfortunately, there are pervasive myths surrounding that cast them in a negative light. These misperceptions and distortions of the truth may prevent people from making use of these incredibly valuable tools, mistakenly believing satellite phones are not the right solutions that will solve their particular problem.

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Testing an Inmarsat iSAT Phone Pro

There certainly has been no shortage of attention drawn to the fact that Inmarsat has brought its first handheld satellite phone to the market. The iSAT Phone Pro has been much anticipated, having been on the drawing board and in the testing lab for some time now.

I received my iSAT Phone and charged it up overnight, ready to make calls. I went outside GlobaFone’s office, pressed the power button and rotated the antenna……

I had heard and read a great deal about this satellite phone and how it worked/didn’t work. I was determined to not let the good/not so good news influence me.

The phone took a couple of minutes to acquire the GPS fix and then the satellite network. I dialed my cell, the office, some other people, etc. Here’s what I noted:
• There is a faint background noise that resembles someone answering the call. I said ‘hello’ several times, only to hear another ring.
• The calls have similar latency to calls made on the Iridium 9555 – that somewhat slurry speech, making you sound like you’ve been drinking. Not too bad but noticable.
• The biggest issue was that if you turn your head, the phone displays a message to turn back towards the satellite.

And this last point has been my biggest concern: Four GEO satellites cannot provide as robust an experience as 66 orbiting LEO satellites. If you are far north aor south and are on the northside of the ridge, building, tree stand, mountain, you will not be able to make satellite phone calls.

My conclusions:
• The iSAT Phone Pro is a great little phone and works pretty well. I think it poses very little threat to Iridium’s 9555 or 9505A satellite phones.
• I see a bigger threat to Globalstar’s satellite system, given their issues these days. Yes, they are due to launch a new constellation but with the roll-out of the iSAT Phone which offers more coverage at comparable prices, the question remains: Can they recover their lost client base? (Actualy people have been asking that for quite some time now) It will certainly be interesting to see what happens.
• I see the iSAT Phone expanding an existing/new client base that generally does not buy satellite phones, given the cost; seasonal boaters come to mind. Is it worth $1,500 plus service ($40/month) to have a phone on your boat? Maybe, but for $700 and $25/month, sure, sign ’em up!

We’ll certainly keep an eye on iSAT satellite phone throughout the rest of the year. The launch comes at a critical time – during hurricane season. Having thousands of iSAT Phones depoyed in the after math of a hurricane’s wreckage will be the ultimate test.

All in all iSAT is a nice little phone for the price as ,ong as you understand its limitations.

Please feel free to send your comments to l.altman@globafone.com.

Iridium Establishes Iridium South Africa

Iridium Communications Inc. has established “Iridium South Africa,” which is now licensed to operate and sell Iridium mobile satellite services (MSS). The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), which serves as the regulator for South Africa’s communications/broadcasting sectors granted the approval. Iridium South Africa enables Iridium‘s partners to serve government, commercial and enterprise clients as demand for Iridium’s products in the country continue to grow.

As the only truly global MSS system, Iridium continues to see increased demand for its voice and data services. This increased demand prompts new product and service development from Iridium’s Value Added Manufacturers (VAMs). This helps Iridium maintain strong growth which will likely increase as the new constellation, NEXT is launched and goes live.

It is anticipates that the South African government will utilize Iridium‘s MSS for backup communications in both urban and rural areas, for emergency communications. The transportation, logistics, security, oil and gas, and mining sectors will likely benefit from Iridium’s voice and data service offerings.

Iridium’s voice and data services are ideally suited for South Africa’s rugged coastal areas with access to both the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Additionally, South Africa’s large rural areas and substantial mining operations mean large areas with no other communications. South Africa’s established and emerging industries, developing infrastructure, tourism and adventure industry also support Iridium as an essential service in South Africa.


In December we sent notification that would be raising their monthly service rates starting in 2009.  At the time we sent the notices, the amount was unknown.
The compulsory rate increase is now effective and will be reflected on your upcoming bill.  We are passing along the rate increase in a proportion equal to or smaller than the increase to us.

While we were adjusting the rates, we took the opportunity to simplify all of our pricing.

A quick inventory of our prior rate plans revealed numerous rates not offered in years.

is now offering four tiers for Iridium service:

· Retail: $48.00/month

·  Enterprise: $42.00/month (corporate clients)

· Government: $40/month

·  Federal Government: $38./month

the way back full video

The net effect of the price increase and simplification is that many rates will be going up however, some subscribers will actually see their rates decrease.  These rates reflect the basic service plan.  In fact we’ve reduced all of the rates on our inclusive-minute Government plans.

If you have questions about your new monthly rates under  this restructuring please us or call on 800.826.6152.




Iridium is now Iridium Communications

On September 29, 2009, and GHL Acquisition completed the transaction to create Iridium Communications Inc. now traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol IRDM.

“This is an important milestone in the life of , as we take the first critical step toward securing the funding required for development and launch of our next generation satellite constellation, becoming a public company and establishing the transparency expected of a company that serves the critical interests of businesses globally,” said Matthew J. Desch, chief executive officer.

“Iridium is a strong company and an innovative competitor,” said Robert H. Niehaus, chairman of the board of directors of Iridium. “Today, with the close of this transaction, has a market cap of more than $785 million and a strong balance sheet with substantial cash. It marks the beginning of a very exciting time in the life of this very dynamic company.” 


Non Governmenet can also buy at special pricingThe Federal Government’s fiscal year ended September 30 and a new budget and new spending began October 1st.  As Federal Agencies allocated the last of their 2009 budgets,  made an unprecedented offer that will help Agencies stretch those budget dollars.  Due to the response, we’re extending the special pricing!  Place your phone order by October 31:

Your Federal Government price will be $1,425!
The non-government price will be just $1,525!

And, this is an important fact you need to know about this special offer: These prices are not for a ‘phone in a box’, these prices are for the legendary kit:

A fully charged phone
The SIM card inserted
The PIN code removed
The phone labeled with the phone number
The phone tested by making a test call
All packed in a padded nylon bag with all the accessories

The kit allows you to use your phone straight out of the shipping box, no time-wasting un-packing and setup.  So that’s the deal:
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  $1,425 for Government complete kit, $1525 for non-government.

 If you have special requirements and circumstances, we will work with you.  And you can use a credit card to place your order.   Please call us at 800-826-6152.