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Iridium 9505A end of life

Iridium  announced earlier this month that the 9505A handset has reached its end of life and will no longer be built.  This news has prompted people to either buy up all the handsets they can or change their purchase plans and move up to the new 9555 model.  There are couple of interesting points about the 9505A handset:
Iridium is still building the US-made for US Government use.  There is currently no US-built 9555
This means accessories such as spare batteries, spare chargers, phone cases, etc will still be available.

For people going into a panic; relax.  There is nothing ‘wrong’ with the 9505A handset; it is a very reliable, rugged phone that provides excellent service around the world (literally EVERYWHERE around the world).  You can buy the 9505A now and still have confidence that Iridium is supporting all the handsets out there – they all come with the 1 year warranty.

Just keep in mind that the end of life is a natural progression of the product cycle.  The 9555 is a very nice phone, 30% smaller, lighter, with more battery power and a color screen.

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Business Continuity, Emergency Management and Disaster Response experts and Communications Managers know satellite phones are the most reliable solution for saving lives and protecting property.  work where nothing else does so these professionals rely on satellite phones in remote locations and for a variety of business scenarios, often times crisis situations.   But here’s the thing:  

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GlobaFone’s Hurricane Kits

The ideal seasonal solution that gives you what you really need!

Finally! A satellite program designed for the way you actually use it for hurricane season.  Buy a phone and six months of service with no commitment or cost beyond that.  These plans are simple:

Buy your and activate it for just six months
Choose a pool of airtime -100, 250, 500 or 1,000 minutes
Pay for the entire package at once
Pool the airtime across all your phones

For example: You buy 20 phones and activate nineteen with basic service, one with inclusive airtime.
Any of the 20 phones can access the airtime. Other major benefits include:

Phone, service and airtime package, packed in a Pelican case
Low pricing for budget-minded managers
Six month contract with pooled airtime
Extend the contract monthly if you choose
Need more airtime? Low overage rates help you save!
These are great plans, so please or call us today on 800-826-6152

June 2008 – Satellite Phone Straight Talk – No Nonesense Here!

 The world is a pretty wild and wooly place; dozens if not hundreds of , and are out there, all jockeying for your attention.  And many of them will say anything to win your business.   Often times, information is incomplete, mis-leading and downright inaccurate.  Let’s be honest—from debatable claims of ‘lowest price’ to ‘best service’ there is A LOT of noise out there.  How many times have you been totally underwhelmed by what the other guys are saying or the service they provide to you?  It’s pretty staggering, really.  

 At we’ve had enough of the nonsense so we created the ; written with the sole purpose of providing thought-provoking ideas and, well, straight talk on the topic at hand.   As an objective provider of we are not beholden to any one , so we can fairly evaluate what is out there and offer truly objective commentary on the various solutions.  Other providers frequently only provide one solution so they can only speak of that solution and demerit all others.  In our opinion this is really not very helpful to you, the telecom professional or program manager who must sift through this noise and get the …..  You need clear, concise objective information to help you make good decisions.

Please go to where you will find the that will help you get to the bottom line regarding programs.

We’ve developed this site for you and want to write that will help you, so please call on us 800-826-6152

and let us know how we can be of service to you. 

June 2008 – Iridium Satellite Phone rebate offer extended!

Our January 2008 Newsletter featured the Iridium rebate plan.

Iridium created the rebate plan as an incentive for you to replace your Globalstar phones with brand new Iridium phones and a new subscription.   As an Iridium reseller, GlobaFone can help you navigate this program because there are a few caveats you need to be aware of.   Here’s how the rebate program works:

Buy an Iridium phone and activate it on the North American rate plan for just $40/month which includes 10 minutes of airtime per month.  This is great for monthly testing procedures.
The included 10 minutes are good in the North American footprint and additional minutes cost just $1.49/minute.
Airtime outside of the North American footprint, costs $2.49/minute.
This two-year contract has a $750 early termination fee .
We need to receive your Globalstar phone within 10 days of activating your Iridium phones.  The rebate is a one-to-one basis—one $400 rebate for each Globalstar phone which is activated for one new Iridium.
The rebate credit or check will be issued at the end of the calendar quarter.
There is a limited supply of phones eligible for the rebate—first come, first-served.

Numerous Globalstar phone models qualify for this rebate so e-mail us for a list.  This is a great program and you will save (tens of?) thousands of dollars on the Iridium phones you are looking at right now or will be looking at in the near future.  Take advantage of the rebate program now! We are here at your service so please call us at the GlobaFone office if you have any questions. 800-826-6152.

February 2008 – Are you ready for Hurricane Season?

Have you or your people ever had to provide support during and after a hurricane but didn’t have the satellite communications you needed?

If you answer yes, then you know, first-hand the frustration of not being able to perform your critical tasks and job responsibilities. Let’s face it: are serious business. They bring dangerous winds, torrential rain, destructive tides and the resulting flooding. The most recently memorable hurricane is of course and while enormous category 5 storms like Katrina are not the norm, hurricanes are part of life in the coastal United States. Hurricanes happen; maybe not this year, but they happen.

Every year the Colorado State University researcher team Philip J, Klotzbach and William M. Gray issue their coming season prediction. This year they are calling for an above-average season with 13 named storms, 7 hurricanes and 3 intense hurricanes. Even thought there is still snow and ice on the ground, now is the time to prepare for the coming season. Click here for their full report:

The complex destructive nature of hurricanes means there are numerous ways that your normal communications will be disrupted: wind will take down cell and radio towers. Rain and flooding can wipe out landlines, switching stations and cell and radio base stations. Your entire communications could be destroyed or rendered useless. Look at history and realize that are the only truly reliable solution when all else fails. Now is the time to develop your program. Ask us how!

August 2008 – Now Revealed! The Hidden Costs of the Lowest-Priced Provider!

Go to and learn how buying from the lowest-cost provider wastes time and resources.

Everyone knows that ‘you get what you pay for’. However for some reason people continue to think the wisdom doesn’t really apply to them. I suspect because they confuse price with value.

Many people think buying from the lowest-cost provider, is the best strategy. It is one strategy, but the best strategy? I don’t know about that, however I do know this: Paying the lowest possible price will most likely frustrate you later on. Why do I say that? Because when you buy from the lowest-cost provider you get a in a box; unassembled, not tested, cleaned, labeled, packed nor charged. In short, you need to spend a lot of time and resources turning that ‘in a box into a fully functioning kit. Is that use of your time the best value?

Go to and learn, in detail (dollars and cents), the hidden cost of buying from the lowest cost provider—It’s over $200 per phone!

Compare this to having your phone arrive ready to use right out of the shipping box. We properly activate, test, charge, clean, label, remove the PIN code and package your phones so you can immediately begin learning how to use the phone and training your staff so they are ready to go!

The business all about providing solutions that give you the results you want. It is NOT about selling phones at the lowest possible price. There is no value in that and it will cost you.

Buy a from the low-cost provider and you get a phone in a box. Buy a kit and you are ready to go, the minute you receive it. Which solution works better for you when you disaster strikes?

For further information please us or call us at 800-826-6152 or e-mail. We are here to serve you.