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GlobaFone’s Hurricane Kits

The ideal seasonal solution that gives you what you really need!

Finally! A satellite program designed for the way you actually use it for hurricane season.  Buy a phone and six months of service with no commitment or cost beyond that.  These plans are simple:

Buy your and activate it for just six months
Choose a pool of airtime -100, 250, 500 or 1,000 minutes
Pay for the entire package at once
Pool the airtime across all your phones

For example: You buy 20 phones and activate nineteen with basic service, one with inclusive airtime.
Any of the 20 phones can access the airtime. Other major benefits include:

Phone, service and airtime package, packed in a Pelican case
Low pricing for budget-minded managers
Six month contract with pooled airtime
Extend the contract monthly if you choose
Need more airtime? Low overage rates help you save!
These are great plans, so please or call us today on 800-826-6152