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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

In the movie ‘Heartbreak Ridge’ Clint Eastwood’s character Gunnery Sergeant Tom Highway espouses these words to describe how his Marines operate – Ooh-Rah! Simple words with a powerful message.

There are always several ways to look at a situation and once you change how you look at a situation, that situation will change. Case-in-point; Globalstar announced in Feb 2007 that the constellation had suffered radiation damage and would eventually stop connecting voice calls. A fatal blow? Some prophesized that Globalstar would be the first double casualty of the MSS sector.

Globalstar had other plans.

The SPoT Personal Satellite Messenger was born and not only did it create a new product segment, it won award after award. It has now has been named TIME Magazine’s list of top 100 greatest and most influential gadgets

. Globalstar has successfully launched the first six of 24 new satellites and expects full voice service reliability by December 2011. That’s quite a turnabout from those who would have suspected that Globalstar would fold. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

It is a simple shift of view. The Apollo 13 ground crew said, “What do we have on the ship that works?” Change how you look at something and what you’re looking will change. What did Globalstar have on the ‘ship’ that worked? Simplex data worked 100% and a new product was born. True innovative thinking at its best.


Planning and progress continues towards the new constellation launch

The degradation of Globalstar ’s satellite constellation has been truly unfortunate; the system is an excellent satellite system when fully functioning. GlobaFone is the largest Globalstar dealers in New England with dozens of clients with thousands of lines. We are looking forward to the new constellation restoring full service. There are some things you can do right now to take advantage of the situation:

Buy a Globalstar GSP 1600 for $349.00 with the activation fee. This price is less than half the retail price just a year ago and it is a great phone. It will work on the new constellation.

Activate the phone on the Loyalty Plan. This costs just $39.99/month until 2009, then $19.99 for 2009, 2010 and through the first year of the new constellation! Includes unlimited domestic airtime (US and Canada)! This will help you budget your airtime costs for about the next three years.

Here’s the tentative schedule for development and deployment:
Spring 2009—Globalstar starts taking delivery of the new satellites.
Fall 2009—Launches will begin from one or more launch sites
Spring 2010—Service begins on the new constellation

Since your current Globalstar equipment is backwards compatible—that means it will work on the new constellation—why not pick up some phones at the remarkable pricing listed above. This is a strategic move that will help you into the future when full service is restored. We see it as a great move.

July 2008 Newsletter – What exactly is ‘Good Enough’ for you?

How you measure ‘successful’ satellite phone calls will determine your satellite phone choice.
The technologically interwoven nature of our world has us feeling secure that lights will go on, air conditioners will cool us, traffic lights will stay lit and we’ll be able to make phone calls whenever we want.  A disaster, however large or small can disrupt these personal securities in an instant.

Those who have lived through any kind of service interruption know how frustrating it can be: No power, no lights, no phones—now what do you do?  How do you continue doing what you need to do, be it running your business, supporting your agency or keeping your family safe.  Communications is THE critical cornerstone to any recovery effort, and when it comes to communications , you need to determine for yourself, “What is good enough?”

Will sparse or overtaxed cellular service (that may be unreliable normally) be good enough?

Is a satellite phone with temporary coverage issues good enough? (It just may be; call us!)

Is a 98% reliable solution good enough ?

Is this good enough?

Use Globalstar phones to leave a ‘voice billboard’ (at a daycare, Head-Start center, or a school) with updates or special instructions.  You can buy portable Globalstar phones for just $350 (call us for details), s o you may not need to spend thousands of dollars for your good enough solution.   For many situations, just knowing that people can call and hear your update will be good enough.

If you are a first responder or support first responders, you may decide that you need more functionality and that’s okay; there are different satellite phone solutions for you.  But if you want people to call you (as they are able) and hear your updates. In situations where making phone calls may not be paramount but leaving timely updates for others may be critically important.  is a nice, inexpensive solution for you.  So consider what good enough means to you and as always, please call us if you have any questions. 800-826-6152.


Great options using Globalstar satellite phones!

Given the issues with its constellation, has been working diligently to maintain its client base with a variety of creative options and solutions for you.

The Loyalty Plan provides you with unlimited calling for just $350/year
Pay monthly: $39.99 until 2009, then $19.99 for 2010 and the first full year of service with the new constellation
Significant price reductions on phones: the portable is now just $349 (activated) and the fixed-site is now only $849 activated.  Compare these prices to $749 and $2,495 respectively
Many of our clients have moved to because of the critical, life-saving nature of their work.  They need the best possible coverage now.
However, I have met numerous people for whom , even with the coverage issues is a great solution.

Here’s the notion: If you run a facility (day care, head Start, elder center, school) where people would call in during an emergency to check on their loved ones, you can use your voicemail box as an audio message board.  If there is a disaster, you can be assured that family members will want to know that their loved ones are safe.  If your land lines and cell phones aren’t working how will anyone call your center?  Simple:

Buy and activate a phone
List the (US-based) number as the emergency line in your welcome kit
Instruct people to call the number in emegencies
Record a current voicemail if there is an emergency

This is especially helpful in cases where you may need to abandon your facility and seek refuge elsewhere.  And now that has greatly reduced the price of their equipment, it is easier than ever to create this solution