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The Top 10 Reasons to Own Iridium Satellite Phones

10)  Global coverage:  There simply is no other satellite phone that offers coverage over every square foot of our big blue planet.  Iridium works everywhere!

9) Network reliability: At any time there always one, usually two, and frequently three satellites overhead.  That means that no matter where you are, odds are you will pick up the network and get calling pronto.

8) Many options:  Iridium has a couple of handheld phones to choose form as well as Vale-Added partners that build fixed phones, docking stations, specialty products – all kinds of solutions for whatever you need.

7) A full kit: When you buy an Iridium phone, it comes with a wall charger with international plugs, a car charger, phone case, mag-mount antenna, antenna adapter, hands free and a User Guide.  It is the most complete handheld phone kit available

6) Tough guy, eh?  The Iridium 9575 phone is the first mil-spec phone built to take the harshest abuse.  It is designed to withstand shock, water and dust.  My teenagers cannot break it.

5) Built-in GPS: Iridium is the only provider that offers GPS tracking capability and an SOS panic button.  Think about the lives put at risk looking for lost hikers (for example), which could easily be found at the press of a button.

4) Value-Added Service Providers: In most cases when you buy an Iridium phone, you’ll receive it in a box and you have to set it up; kind of a pain, but not too bad if you are setting up just one phone.  A nightmare if you are setting up 20, 50, 80 phones.  Providers like GlobaFone of Portsmouth, NH will set up and assemble your phone so you can use it right out of the shipping box.

3) Resources to learn how to use the phone: There are at least a dozen videos that demonstrate how to use your Iridium phone to make and receive calls and voicemail.

2) Pooling airtime: Iridium is the only network under which your Service Provider can create a custom pooled airtime plan.  Many do not, but it is important for you to know it is possible and if your provider doesn’t pool airtime that is a choice they make that costs you more money.

1) Piece of mind: You have an Iridium satellite phone.  You have the most reliable satellite phone with the broadest coverage in the world.

Of Chicken Hats and Satellites

I admit it – I have a chicken hat.  I’ve not had it long so I haven’t worn it much (yet!). There is a connection to my chicken hat and Satcom.

I got my chicken hat because I am a volunteer at the FIRST Robotics Championship that took place last weekend in St. Louis. MO.  I served as the Pit Announcer, letting the teams know about logistical information, spare parts requests and even signing the teams out of the Pit at night (the Pit is where the teams work on their robots before and after competitive matches).  First of all (bad pun), you have to go to www.usfirst.org and check out the amazing world of robotics competitions.  Dean Kamen founded FIRST Robotics 20 years ago – FIRST stands for: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, and the annual robotics competition draws hundreds of teams from around the world.  Teams that attend have won a regional competition or another award.  Call it the “brain-i-ac” Olympics where teams help each other before they compete against each other (called Co-Operation) and the winners are an alliance of three teams where ‘gracious professionalism, safety and fun’ are the ruling mantras.  You’ve never seen anything like a FIRST Robotics competition, I promise, and I urge you to get your kids involved.  Not so coincidentally, GlobaFone sponsors Team 131 CHAOS from Central High School in Manchester, NH.  So back to my chicken hat….

Team 3932, the Cockadoodle Dominators from Chickasha, OK gave me one of their special chicken hats.  You can see a story about the team here.

Okay, FIRST Robotics is really cool and I have a chicken hat.  So how is this related to Satcom?  Simple.

Satellites are small tin cans, or big tin cans flying around the planet making communications available where there is no terrestrial infrastructure.  That is amazing.  FIRST Robotics is amazing.  But that is not the point.  One must wonder, which parts of the Satcom infrastructure and ecosystem were born of a ‘what if?’ moment by a brilliant mind, such that you find within the FIRST teams?  FIRST alumni go on to do all kinds of great work and Satcom systems are the brainchildren of such lofty thinking.  In addition, some of the major FIRST Robotics sponsors include Boeing, BAE systems, NASA, SAIC, Intel, the Air Force and other high tech leaders.  Is there a connection?  You bet!  These organizations understand that these kids – FIRST Robotics alumni – are the among the pioneers of the technology of the future.  While their organizations will benefit from having FIRST Alumni as employees, we all benefit from those types of relationships.  I have no specific way to know, but I would argue that developments in Satcom are a result of the brain-i-ac genre –  ‘What If?’, or as I call it “let’s find out’ thinking.

So all hail FIRST Robotics, Chicken Hats and Satcom.  All three are amazing and speak to the ingenuity of innovative thinking.

Texas Department of Information Resources Extends Satellite Contract with GlobaFone

will continue to provide award-winning services to Texas Department of Information Resources and dozens of other states

August 20, 2010

Portsmouth, NH: The Texas Department of Information resources (DIR) has renewed its satellite contract with GlobaFone, a leading satellite phone Service Provider. The contract extension is valid for one year and represents the third renewal. The Portsmouth, NH-based company provided Texas with competitive pricing and their best value solutions. Under the contract will provide clients in the State with Iridium satellite products and airtime service. In addition, any other State that chooses to do so may buy off of the Texas contract at the specially negotiated prices.

“We are very pleased that DIR has chosen to renew this contract,” said GlobaFone President Lou Altman. “Lowest bidders no longer automatically win business because savvy buyers recognize the risk the low price bidders present. Low price means low value; end of story.”

Under the DIR contract currently provides satellite service to dozens of Texas government agencies including law enforcement, universities, public services, transportation and recreational sectors. “Our Texas clients have a variety of requirements,’ said Altman. “Some use satellite phones in emergencies; others use their phones daily. We offer flexibility,’ he said.

Nationally, clients include dozens of Government, State and Local agencies, corporations, non-profits and individuals, all with diverse satellite communications requirements.


of Portsmouth, NH is an award-winning, leading service provider of satellite phone solutions to Federal, State and Local Governments, as well as corporate clients. GlobaFone’s solutions include five brands of satellite communications – Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya and VSAT as well as cellular service for lease with roaming in over 200 countries as and local cellular service in dozens of countries. For more information please visit www.globafone.com

Attention Government Buyers!

While Labor Day signifies the end of summer, it is also a precursor to the end of the Government’s fiscal year. This is a time when buyers swing into action to finalize their purchases and at we’re here to help with that.

Until the end of September, we’ve reduced the price of the to just $1,347. Yes, $1,347! And this is not one of those basic kits! This is the complete kit – accessories and all. And there’s more. As part of our commitment to quality we’ll prep each phone so you can use it straight out of the shipping box. We’ll do the following:
• Unpack the phone
• Charge the battery
• Install the SIM card
• Remove the PIN code
• Label the phone with the phone number
• Include an EasyGuide © for easy operation
• Dispose of the packaging
• Pack the entire kit in a padded nylon case

This packaging is something other providers won’t even do at full price, but buy your from , take delivery and enjoy the benefits of NOT having to do all that!

Further evidence of our commitment to helping you, our heroes, save lives.

Call now – this is a limited time offer. 603-433-7232. Thanks for reading!


Non Governmenet can also buy at special pricingThe Federal Government’s fiscal year ended September 30 and a new budget and new spending began October 1st.  As Federal Agencies allocated the last of their 2009 budgets,  made an unprecedented offer that will help Agencies stretch those budget dollars.  Due to the response, we’re extending the special pricing!  Place your phone order by October 31:

Your Federal Government price will be $1,425!
The non-government price will be just $1,525!

And, this is an important fact you need to know about this special offer: These prices are not for a ‘phone in a box’, these prices are for the legendary kit:

A fully charged phone
The SIM card inserted
The PIN code removed
The phone labeled with the phone number
The phone tested by making a test call
All packed in a padded nylon bag with all the accessories

The kit allows you to use your phone straight out of the shipping box, no time-wasting un-packing and setup.  So that’s the deal:
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  $1,425 for Government complete kit, $1525 for non-government.

 If you have special requirements and circumstances, we will work with you.  And you can use a credit card to place your order.   Please call us at 800-826-6152.


Join this Free Webinar, ‘The Strategic Importance of Satellite Communications’

Business Continuity, Emergency Management and Disaster Response experts and Communications Managers know satellite phones are the most reliable solution for saving lives and protecting property.  work where nothing else does so these professionals rely on satellite phones in remote locations and for a variety of business scenarios, often times crisis situations.   But here’s the thing:  

Do you know WHY you need ?  Has anyone ever taken the time to explain the many reasons satellite phones are so critical to your success in remote locations or with BC/EM/DR?  Would now be a great time to hear about that?
Join CEO Lou Altman on this free webinar.  He’ll lead an exploratory discussion behind three commercial Satcom solutions; how they work, why they work and what they can do for you.  Lou uses real examples to highlight the points.   After this Webinar you’ll be able to:

Describe the major Satcom systems available today, how they work and what they will do for you Discuss Satcom as the most reliable solution for ensuring remote site and disaster communications Lead the discussion and make the decision providing immediate impact to your organization Leverage future developments to intelligently plan your satellite phone future

Lou speaks at numerous conferences each year and his engaging style creates a memorable and informative session that ensures you retain the information.
You will find yourself inspired to take action!    So join us for this informative and entertaining webinar on one of two dates:

Tuesday July 8, 2009 at 2:00 PM EST or Tuesday July 15, 2009 at 2:00 PM EST.

GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman will be Speaking at the Global Aid Trade Conference in Washington, DC in July

 CEO Lou Altman will be speaking at the Conference in Washington, DC on July 9th and 10th.   His participation in the workshop “Disaster Communications – Advance Warning and Emergency Alert Systems.” will bring his knowledge and decade-plus of experience to the forefront of solving communications problems.  The session examines cross-sector communication, impactful collaboration and ultimately, reducing the impact of future disasters.

  “We are delighted that is speaking about the critical use of satellite communications at International Aid & Trade 2009,” said Sula Bruce, Director, International Aid & Trade. “It is essential that companies join the debate with NGO, UN and Government organisations to increase global effectiveness of humanitarian aid and relief.   Lou’s experience and knowledge with satellite communications will provide a real benefit to our audience.”

“The discussion is always open, always on,” said, “Humanitarian efforts run all day, every day across the globe and if we can help the interested parties communicating then everyone will be achieving their lofty and selfless goals.”

Admission is free and you’ll have the opportunity to help support the world-class best humanitarian projects that operate globally.  Pl ease or call us on 800-826-6152 for more detail that outlines Lou Altman’s participation in this important conference.