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Conference brings together thought leaders and experts in Preparedness and Safety
Lou Altman, GlobaFone’s CEO will speak at the second annual Conference on Global Preparedness in Melbourne, FL, December 7th—9th.   Altman’s talk, ‘The Strategic Importance of Satellite Communication for Emergency Preparedness’ will highlight for the audience and webcast viewers how crucial satellite communications have become in preparing for, and responding to a disaster of any magnitude.

Dr. Clifford Bragdon, Chair of the Conference remarked, “As Chairman for the 2nd Annual
Conference on National Preparedness, we are very excited that GlobaFone and CEO Lou Altman, has agreed to be both an exhibit partner, and a featured invited speaker to this prestigious Conference.”   Bragdon and Altman are members of the Phoenix Genesis Consortium, a security group based in Washington, DC.  Bragdon added, “We are fortunate to have such an important communications resource as GlobaFone in the United States to assist the security based community in accomplishing their critical missions, without intervention .”
A veteran of speaking on the satellite industry, Altman said, “The GSP Conference will be a great environment for people to hear the thought leaders in a variety of areas related preparedness, and I personally look forward to hearing many of the other speakers.”  The conference will have sessions covering a wide array of areas related to preparedness; cyber security, homeland security, transportation issues, interoperability and will feature dignitaries such as Major General Mike Sumrall and DHS’ Science and Technology Secretary Jay Cohen. Organizations represented include The Department of Homeland Security , the National Transportation Safety Board, Florida Institute of Technology, the Joints Chiefs of Staff for the National Guard and the Florida National Guard.
“Satellite communications has become more widely accepted as the most reliable communications resource during and after a disaster.” Altman added.  “I am grateful to Cliff and warmly accepted his invitation to speak”.