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I’ve been writing this monthly newsletter to inform our clients and prospects about current events in the  space: News updates, Product launches, New products and services.  It occurred to me that I’ve never shared ’s ‘roots’ with our  clients and that we can easily solve another one of your business problems; US cell phones that do not work overseas.

Globafone was founded in 1998 at a time when Cellular One (remember Cellular One? It eventually became AT&T) had local networks and you had to roam from one to the next.

When I went to New York and used Cellular One, there were (outrageous!) roaming fees.   I still have my Nokia 2180 from Bell Atlantic Mobile who eventually became Verizon’s value proposition was the significant lack of roaming within the US, meant there was no roaming outside of the US.

started by renting UK-based mobile phones to business executives traveling abroad—we’d ship the phones to them before they left and collect them when they came back.   We had special partners for Japan and Korea (we still do); they had incompatible networks at the time.  We started renting satellite phones within our first year and shortly after that, selling satellite phones.  Many of our current value-adds came from the cellular rental days: our padded bags, the EasyGuide © card , the pens and our 24-hour support.  All of these were borne from the cellular rental business which still carries on today.

GlobaFone has provided cellular rentals to a wide array of clients from corporations to celebrities to sports teams and we have a variety of solutions for travel situations where a satellite phone is not the best solution (like going to Tokyo).  We offer:

·  Phones with single-number roaming in 200+ countries

· A SIM card that enables you to have a local number in 50+ countries (this saves A LOT of money!)

· Phones for Japan and Korea

· 20+ country-specific phones

Our rental rates vary by week, month and annual lease and we have very flexible options.  Need 20 phones for just one month?  No problem!  Need a specific phone for random trips; we’ve got you covered!   GlobaFone was founded in the phone rental segment and we’ve held on to the superior solutions and options that helped us win client loyalty from Day One
Satcom is not always the best solution, especially in highly populated areas.   So now that you know rents and leases cell phones you have another solution.  Please or call us on 800-826-6152 for more information about our programs.