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Join this Free Webinar, ‘The Strategic Importance of Satellite Communications’

Business Continuity, Emergency Management and Disaster Response experts and Communications Managers know satellite phones are the most reliable solution for saving lives and protecting property.  work where nothing else does so these professionals rely on satellite phones in remote locations and for a variety of business scenarios, often times crisis situations.   But here’s the thing:  

Do you know WHY you need ?  Has anyone ever taken the time to explain the many reasons satellite phones are so critical to your success in remote locations or with BC/EM/DR?  Would now be a great time to hear about that?
Join CEO Lou Altman on this free webinar.  He’ll lead an exploratory discussion behind three commercial Satcom solutions; how they work, why they work and what they can do for you.  Lou uses real examples to highlight the points.   After this Webinar you’ll be able to:

Describe the major Satcom systems available today, how they work and what they will do for you Discuss Satcom as the most reliable solution for ensuring remote site and disaster communications Lead the discussion and make the decision providing immediate impact to your organization Leverage future developments to intelligently plan your satellite phone future

Lou speaks at numerous conferences each year and his engaging style creates a memorable and informative session that ensures you retain the information.
You will find yourself inspired to take action!    So join us for this informative and entertaining webinar on one of two dates:

Tuesday July 8, 2009 at 2:00 PM EST or Tuesday July 15, 2009 at 2:00 PM EST.

Come Hear GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman Speak At the Continuity

CEO Lou Altman has accepted the invitation to speak at the in Chandler, AZ on April 28 & 29.  His presentation will discuss numerous Satcom solutions available today and will most importantly include a live demonstration of GlobaFone’s service from INMARSAT.

GlobaFone will also be exhibiting at the Conference with a particular focus on three technologies:

BGAN high-speed data solutions that run on the INMARSAT satellite constellation
products and services—portable and fixed site Satcom with truly global coverage
The revolutionary ICONICS solution that enables compatibility two-way radios, even across thousands of miles

Globafone’s participation in this Conference will reinforce their leadership position in the satellite community and as a personal Thank You to our loyal readers, we have made special arrangements for you to save $100 when you register.

Here are five reasons to attend this outstanding conference:

1. Presentation topics discuss real-world issues relevant to strategic business continuity, divided into meaningful categories
2. A balanced faculty of both recognized and new authorities, emphasizes industry speakers with practical experience.   
3. Continuity Insights offers more sessions that any other industry conference.  You’ll also get tasty meals, valuable networking functions, the complete proceedings on a flash drive, and other valuable “takeaways.”  This makes for a super value.
4. Earn valuable CEUs for attending the conference, post-conference workshops and volunteering with Continuity Cares.
5. This is a conference of your peers: Continuity Insights brings together forward-thinking, experienced business continuity professionals from a wide range of industries.

This is going to be an exceptional conference and well worth your time to attend, particularly to hear Lou Altman’s talk on the world of .  There will be a very special demonstration during this talk—something you don’t want to miss.  Please or call us on 800-826-6152 for more information about our participation in this Conference.  



Conference brings together thought leaders and experts in Preparedness and Safety
Lou Altman, GlobaFone’s CEO will speak at the second annual Conference on Global Preparedness in Melbourne, FL, December 7th—9th.   Altman’s talk, ‘The Strategic Importance of Satellite Communication for Emergency Preparedness’ will highlight for the audience and webcast viewers how crucial satellite communications have become in preparing for, and responding to a disaster of any magnitude.

Dr. Clifford Bragdon, Chair of the Conference remarked, “As Chairman for the 2nd Annual
Conference on National Preparedness, we are very excited that GlobaFone and CEO Lou Altman, has agreed to be both an exhibit partner, and a featured invited speaker to this prestigious Conference.”   Bragdon and Altman are members of the Phoenix Genesis Consortium, a security group based in Washington, DC.  Bragdon added, “We are fortunate to have such an important communications resource as GlobaFone in the United States to assist the security based community in accomplishing their critical missions, without intervention .”
A veteran of speaking on the satellite industry, Altman said, “The GSP Conference will be a great environment for people to hear the thought leaders in a variety of areas related preparedness, and I personally look forward to hearing many of the other speakers.”  The conference will have sessions covering a wide array of areas related to preparedness; cyber security, homeland security, transportation issues, interoperability and will feature dignitaries such as Major General Mike Sumrall and DHS’ Science and Technology Secretary Jay Cohen. Organizations represented include The Department of Homeland Security , the National Transportation Safety Board, Florida Institute of Technology, the Joints Chiefs of Staff for the National Guard and the Florida National Guard.
“Satellite communications has become more widely accepted as the most reliable communications resource during and after a disaster.” Altman added.  “I am grateful to Cliff and warmly accepted his invitation to speak”.