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There is ALWAYS Internet

We have a full-fledged uprising complete with riot police, armed citizens, unarmed citizens, water cannons and rubber bullets.  The government’s response includes a media blackout – or attempted blackout.In the modern era of global communications – satellite phones in particular, shutting off the internet and cell service cannot stop information, pictures and video from showing the world what is happening in Egypt.

Anyone with BGAN or Thuraya IP terminal can broadcast and anyone with any of the handheld phones – Iridium 9555, iSAT PhonePro or any of the Thuraya phones can send text and voice messages.  In fact many of the reports you may have heard have been filed via a satellite phone.This is how far we have technologically – to the point where anyone with a laptop and a video camera needs only to spend a couple thousand dollars and the world can see your story.It seems to me the Egyptian government needs to realize they are preventing the news, but increasingly they ARE the news.

Free Webinar Reveals the Truth about Satellite Phones!

provide access to voice and data communications from almost any location on the planet. They offer easy operation, dependable service, reasonable rates and a wide range of functionality. Some familiar names are , and .

Unfortunately, there are pervasive myths surrounding that cast them in a negative light. These misperceptions and distortions of the truth may prevent people from making use of these incredibly valuable tools, mistakenly believing satellite phones are not the right solutions that will solve their particular problem.

On this webinar, we will outline seven myths about and then reveal the truth, debunking each myth. You may be surprised by what you learn – that Satellite phones are essential tools that really may make sense for you and your organization.

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Busting Satellite Phone Myths

Mention the words and people freeze: they conjure images of black-suited government agents with ear pieces and suitcase devices that President uses. The reality is that have evolved to be highly portable, functional tools used by the military, commercial enterprises and recreational boaters, hiker and other outdoor enthusiasts.

My webinar two weeks ago busted the top myths about and in the next few weeks, I’ll post the myths one by one and provide the TRUTH about . This information will enable more people to understand why satellite phones are so useful and make them more comfortable integrating this into their businesses. Here is the first myth:

“Satellite Phones Do Not Work Indoors”

This one is actually kind of true – the satellite phone’s antenna needs to ‘see’ the satellite in order to work. However the notion that you can NEVER use a indoors is absurd. With the development of remote antennas, docking stations, fixed-site phones and a device called SatMAX; you can easily use your portable phones indoors and permanently install a satellite phone in your building, vehicle or vessel. There are solutions for almost every situation and any budget.

Yes, satellite phones CAN be used indoors – you just need the proper equipment.

If you want to learn more about satellite phones, go to and see the options available to you.


I was recently in London for a partner conference with one of my Service Providers.  Economic issues aside, I did see some very interesting products and services, many of which will be bringing to you in the near future.  The first product in this ‘series’ is a great solution called Iconics.

Iconics is a device that enables different radio groups to talk to each other, across hundreds or thousands of miles.  The concept is quite simple: plug your terminal (or any broadband connection) into the Iconics device, plug that into your radio base station and you can now transmit local radio signals across the world.  Or you may just need to communicate across town, from one radio frequency to another—VHF to UHF.  The applications are limitless!  There are three ‘flavors’ of Iconics:

Smart Link  Plus –  this is the solution described above.

Link a local radio system to an incompatible system near or far

This solution enables a local system to manage call traffic from group to group.

Smart Link Server with Admin  –  This solution puts an administrator into the mix, someone who can control communications, create groups, and can actually talk from their computer to the group.  This is a great command and control solution.  Options include a hosted solution with an annual fee or buy the software package and self host.

Here are some other really nifty features of the Iconics system:

A)  Connects dispersed radio groups B)   Solves the interoperability issue

C)  Connects State and local authorities D)  Brings field communication to an administrative level

E)  Supports an unlimited number of groups F)  Gives full control of communication infrastructure and routing

Here’s the best part: Iconics is very affordable.

Starting at just $2590 Iconics offers a new dimension of communication and radio compatibility that rivals any other solution.  Imagine having the ability to link disparate groups (technologically or geographically) into one radio messaging group.  You’ll be able to disseminate messages to the entire group across town or across the planet.  Examples of who needs Iconics now include:

– Military   – Oil & Gas     – Shipping     – NGOs  

– Police, Fire, EMS  – Mining    – Warehouse Logistics     – News teams

– Emergency Responders   – Security services   – Fishing fleets   – Hospitals

 We see great promise for Iconics as an integral part of your communications solution and look forward to providing you with the information you need in order to upgrade and expand your current communications system.

 Please let us know how we can help you better understand Iconics so you can make an informed purchase decision.  Feel free to e-mail us or call us on 800-826-6152 for more information.  Thank you for your support!



Inmarsat I4 Satellite Repositioning Underway  
Last year we communicated news about the repositioning of INMARSAT’s I4 satellites in an effort to optimize the network and achieve global I-4 coverage.  As a reminder, repositioning of the I-4 satellite occurred when the new I-4 F3 satellite entered service on 7 January 2009 at 98 degrees West, covering the Americas.   Inmarsat is committed to making every effort to minimizing any impact on customers.  However, the repositioning will require two service outages affecting a small number of broadband and satellite phone service users in two limited geographical areas.  

We will keep you posted when these outages occur.

+870 Single Inmarsat Country Code

Beginning 1 January 2009 calls made to Inmarsat terminals from PSTN network services must be dialed using INMARSAT’s new single country code +870 or by using one of Vizada’s Fixed2Mobile Solutions.  This code replaces the four Inmarsat ocean codes: +871, +872, +873 and +874. Any calls made using the old codes will fail to connect.  It is important that you communicate this development to your users as soon as possible and GlobaFone recommends frequently.

These two developments demonstrate INMARSAT’s commitment to provide the best possible service.

GlobaFone is here to support you.   Please call us at 800-826-6152 if you have any questions about these changes.  


April 2008 – Voice and high-speed data in one device?

In the past , when evaluating data solutions, odds are you’ve had to make a decision as to which was more important to you:

  • Spending less on your hardware and accepting slow data rates
  • Spending more on your hardware for terminals that support higher data rates

Here is a great way to have both lower hardware costs and high speed data! Introducing the

The costs about the same as an Iridium , comes with a handset for making calls and enables you to connect to ’s BGAN service at 240K up/384K down.

Measuring just 10” by 8” by 2” and weighing less than 4 lbs, is highly portable, lightweight and simple to use. Simply point at the satellite, plug into your laptop, plug in the handset and you are live, ready to go.

us or call us on 800-826-6152 and we’ll send you a full spec sheet on this powerful yet portable terminal.

April 2008 – Test Your Satellite Phone Week

Globafone Joins Industry in Encouraging to Prepare for before They Strike

Globafone is a primary Satcom supplier to First and , so we support in promoting the second annual “Test Your Satellite Phone” Week, which kicks off on May 25, 2008.  

Typically hurricane season, which starts June 1, heightens demand for preparedness vigilance, primarily across the southern and eastern US coastlines.  Satcom has repeatedly been demonstrated as the most reliable source of during and after a disaster because there is minimal reliance on terrestrial systems which are usually destroyed or compromised.    

The goal of “Test Your ” Week is to increase user knowledge and help users confirm that the critical communication services are working properly BEFORE they’re needed in an emergency.  Unfortunately, emergency workers frequently turn to their following a disaster only to  discover they don’t know how to use them, or the batteries are not charged so the phone is not ready for use.  As with other activities, monthly testing is highly recommended by the industry.

At Globafone we advocate testing and training on your every month to ensure everyone knows how to use the phones should the need arise. The number one issue after was that people didn’t know how to use their .
So be sure to participate in ’Test Your Week’ so you know how to use one of your most important emergency tools.

Come Hear GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman Speak At the Continuity

CEO Lou Altman has accepted the invitation to speak at the in Chandler, AZ on April 28 & 29.  His presentation will discuss numerous Satcom solutions available today and will most importantly include a live demonstration of GlobaFone’s service from INMARSAT.

GlobaFone will also be exhibiting at the Conference with a particular focus on three technologies:

BGAN high-speed data solutions that run on the INMARSAT satellite constellation
products and services—portable and fixed site Satcom with truly global coverage
The revolutionary ICONICS solution that enables compatibility two-way radios, even across thousands of miles

Globafone’s participation in this Conference will reinforce their leadership position in the satellite community and as a personal Thank You to our loyal readers, we have made special arrangements for you to save $100 when you register.

Here are five reasons to attend this outstanding conference:

1. Presentation topics discuss real-world issues relevant to strategic business continuity, divided into meaningful categories
2. A balanced faculty of both recognized and new authorities, emphasizes industry speakers with practical experience.   
3. Continuity Insights offers more sessions that any other industry conference.  You’ll also get tasty meals, valuable networking functions, the complete proceedings on a flash drive, and other valuable “takeaways.”  This makes for a super value.
4. Earn valuable CEUs for attending the conference, post-conference workshops and volunteering with Continuity Cares.
5. This is a conference of your peers: Continuity Insights brings together forward-thinking, experienced business continuity professionals from a wide range of industries.

This is going to be an exceptional conference and well worth your time to attend, particularly to hear Lou Altman’s talk on the world of .  There will be a very special demonstration during this talk—something you don’t want to miss.  Please or call us on 800-826-6152 for more information about our participation in this Conference.