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Texas Department of Information Resources Extends Satellite Contract with GlobaFone

will continue to provide award-winning services to Texas Department of Information Resources and dozens of other states

August 20, 2010

Portsmouth, NH: The Texas Department of Information resources (DIR) has renewed its satellite contract with GlobaFone, a leading satellite phone Service Provider. The contract extension is valid for one year and represents the third renewal. The Portsmouth, NH-based company provided Texas with competitive pricing and their best value solutions. Under the contract will provide clients in the State with Iridium satellite products and airtime service. In addition, any other State that chooses to do so may buy off of the Texas contract at the specially negotiated prices.

“We are very pleased that DIR has chosen to renew this contract,” said GlobaFone President Lou Altman. “Lowest bidders no longer automatically win business because savvy buyers recognize the risk the low price bidders present. Low price means low value; end of story.”

Under the DIR contract currently provides satellite service to dozens of Texas government agencies including law enforcement, universities, public services, transportation and recreational sectors. “Our Texas clients have a variety of requirements,’ said Altman. “Some use satellite phones in emergencies; others use their phones daily. We offer flexibility,’ he said.

Nationally, clients include dozens of Government, State and Local agencies, corporations, non-profits and individuals, all with diverse satellite communications requirements.


of Portsmouth, NH is an award-winning, leading service provider of satellite phone solutions to Federal, State and Local Governments, as well as corporate clients. GlobaFone’s solutions include five brands of satellite communications – Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya and VSAT as well as cellular service for lease with roaming in over 200 countries as and local cellular service in dozens of countries. For more information please visit www.globafone.com

Iridium Monthly Rate Increase

For only the second time in almost eight years, Iridium has raised thier monthly subscription rate.  This is an important development for them because:

It demonstrates their dominance in the handheld satellite market
The rate is a small amount – just a few dollars per month per subscriber
But that small amount translates into almost $20,000,000.00 per year more revenue for Iridium

The rate increase should not be seen as a burden as much as just a cost of doing business.  Iridium provides a critical solution for people who have no other (low-cost) options.  Think about those who are in remote locations, those who come to our aid in times of disaster, those who are around the world in some very nasty places fighting so that we can remian here at home comfortable and free.

This rate increase is a small price to pay for such a great technology.  We look forward to Iridium’s NEXT constellation and all the functionality to be delivered. 


In December we sent notification that would be raising their monthly service rates starting in 2009.  At the time we sent the notices, the amount was unknown.
The compulsory rate increase is now effective and will be reflected on your upcoming bill.  We are passing along the rate increase in a proportion equal to or smaller than the increase to us.

While we were adjusting the rates, we took the opportunity to simplify all of our pricing.

A quick inventory of our prior rate plans revealed numerous rates not offered in years.

is now offering four tiers for Iridium service:

· Retail: $48.00/month

·  Enterprise: $42.00/month (corporate clients)

· Government: $40/month

·  Federal Government: $38./month

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The net effect of the price increase and simplification is that many rates will be going up however, some subscribers will actually see their rates decrease.  These rates reflect the basic service plan.  In fact we’ve reduced all of the rates on our inclusive-minute Government plans.

If you have questions about your new monthly rates under  this restructuring please us or call on 800.826.6152.





Non Governmenet can also buy at special pricingThe Federal Government’s fiscal year ended September 30 and a new budget and new spending began October 1st.  As Federal Agencies allocated the last of their 2009 budgets,  made an unprecedented offer that will help Agencies stretch those budget dollars.  Due to the response, we’re extending the special pricing!  Place your phone order by October 31:

Your Federal Government price will be $1,425!
The non-government price will be just $1,525!

And, this is an important fact you need to know about this special offer: These prices are not for a ‘phone in a box’, these prices are for the legendary kit:

A fully charged phone
The SIM card inserted
The PIN code removed
The phone labeled with the phone number
The phone tested by making a test call
All packed in a padded nylon bag with all the accessories

The kit allows you to use your phone straight out of the shipping box, no time-wasting un-packing and setup.  So that’s the deal:
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  $1,425 for Government complete kit, $1525 for non-government.

 If you have special requirements and circumstances, we will work with you.  And you can use a credit card to place your order.   Please call us at 800-826-6152.


Iridium OpenPort Wins Award

Global Telecoms Business (GTB) has awarded its 2009 GTB Innovation Award to for excellence in Wireless Network Infrastructure Innovation. The award recognizes the groundbreaking

system, the world’s first and only global high-speed voice and data service for the maritime market. OpenPort has a small, light weight, omni-directional antenna array can be quickly installed on any convenient on-deck location. It does not require a stabilization platform and is virtually maintenance free. With no moving parts, the array improves uptime, lowering the total cost of operations. delivers up to three phone lines for simultaneous use and features always-on data with speeds up to 128 kbps – on an all-IP backbone.

Iridium Planning for NEXT

The April 13 issue of Forbes features an article on Dan Colussy’s fight to bring back from bankruptcy almost 10 years ago.  The article calls the original Iridium concept “daft”, but it does pay homage to the overall validity of the Iridium concept.  

Some of the interesting points of the article:

Vice-President Al Gore made the ceremonial first call in 1999

·  Nine months later Iridium filed for bankruptcy

·   The DOD agreed to pay $36 Million/year for five years for unlimited airtime on 20,000 phones

·   CEO Matt Desch joined Iridium in 2006 and has lead the development and financing of the NEXT constellation

This is a great story, AND the future looks pretty exciting:
GHL Acquisition Corp (GHQ), run by investment bank Greenhill & Co. (GHL) has agreed to take Iridium public, closing this year. (Note: GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman owns GHQ)

·   Data users now produce almost as much revenue as voice callers and will soon produce more.

When launched in 2014, the new constellation will have the power to connect any spot on Earth at high speeds.  Iridium’s data connections can run at 128,000 bps, Iridium NEXT will run data at 10 mbs, or 78 times as fast.

·   plans to raise money by selling space on its satellites for modern imaging equipment, from scientific gear for measuring atmospheric chemistry and climate change to cameras that could help Google refresh its maps every few seconds

Please feel free to call us at 800-826-6152 to discuss any of Iridium’s products and services.  For the complete article, please visit



Newest Iridium handset in three years brings added functionality, smaller handset

October 20, 2008

Miami, FL and Portsmouth, NH: GlobaFone, a leading provider of global cellular and satellite communications systems celebrated the launch of the new Iridium 9555 handset. GlobaFone supports a diverse client base by providing an impressive portfolio of global communications solutions with a particular emphasis in the satellite segment. GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman commented from the 2008 Iridium Partners Conference in Miami,” We are most excited about the new 9555 handset. Our clients demand smaller, more functional satellite phones and Iridium has come through for them.” Iridium CEO and Chairman Matt Desch announced the launch of the new 9555 handset at the opening session of the Conference.

“The 9555 is yet another example of our continuing investment in our products, services and infrastructure,” said Don Thoma, executive vice president, Marketing, Iridium. “In designing the 9555, we believe we have responded to our customers’ needs. In addition to delivering this sleek new handset, we also are known for excellent network reliability, which is why we offer the Iridium Network Quality Guarantee.”

GlobaFone ’s great clients thrive from our great value proposition – they trust us to provide vital communications,” Altman continued. “The 9555 handset is a great tool to bring to them that will support their critical activities.” GlobaFone clients include such organizations as FEMA, the MA Department of Public Health, Colgate Palmolive, Continental Airlines, Caterpillar and BAE Systems and others, many of whom may not be used in publically available documents.

“The 9555 is, by far, the phone that first responders will want to have on hand for backup emergency communications in case of natural or man-made disasters,” said Thoma. “Iridium phones are the only handsets that can be used in absolutely any location, in any condition, instead of cellular, landline or radio services that can become inoperable when towers go down or telecommunications infrastructure is compromised.”

GlobaFone offers five brands of satellite communications and VSAT service as well as cell phones that work around the globe.

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Now in its 11th year GlobaFone of Portsmouth, NH is an award-winning provider of global wireless phones to Federal, State and Local Governments, as well as corporate clients. GlobaFone’s solutions include cellular service for lease with roaming in over 200 countries as well as local cellular service in numerous locations and five brands of satellite communications. They provide their services to clients across the US as well as internationally. For more information please visit www.satellitephonestrighttalk.com


Newest Iridium handset in three years brings smaller handset, added features, brilliant design

GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman with the new 9555 at the Iridium Partners Conference in Miami, FL

GlobaFone celebrates the launch of the new Iridium 9555 handset the newest and smallest handset. Iridium has offered. GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman was at the Iridium Partners Conference in Miami when Iridium CEO Matt Desch formally announced the new handset. The Iridium 9555 represents the fourth Iridium handset and the latest generation of functionality. Predecessors include the 9500, the 9505 and the 9505A.

Some of the key features of the phone include:

  • Compact physical footprint for streamlined portability
  • Intuitive user interface for out-of-the-box functionality
  • Water, shock and dust resistance for unparalleled durability
  • Enhanced SMS and messaging capability
  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Headset and hands-free capability
  • Internally stowed antenna
  • Mini-USB port
  • for sale starting in mid-November. The 9555 is compatible with most existing 9505A accessories and has a full compliment of unique accessories. The suggested retail price will be $1695.00. For the month of November, GlobaFone will offer the phone at $1595