Planning and progress continues towards the new constellation launch

The degradation of Globalstar ’s satellite constellation has been truly unfortunate; the system is an excellent satellite system when fully functioning. GlobaFone is the largest Globalstar dealers in New England with dozens of clients with thousands of lines. We are looking forward to the new constellation restoring full service. There are some things you can do right now to take advantage of the situation:

Buy a Globalstar GSP 1600 for $349.00 with the activation fee. This price is less than half the retail price just a year ago and it is a great phone. It will work on the new constellation.

Activate the phone on the Loyalty Plan. This costs just $39.99/month until 2009, then $19.99 for 2009, 2010 and through the first year of the new constellation! Includes unlimited domestic airtime (US and Canada)! This will help you budget your airtime costs for about the next three years.

Here’s the tentative schedule for development and deployment:
Spring 2009—Globalstar starts taking delivery of the new satellites.
Fall 2009—Launches will begin from one or more launch sites
Spring 2010—Service begins on the new constellation

Since your current Globalstar equipment is backwards compatible—that means it will work on the new constellation—why not pick up some phones at the remarkable pricing listed above. This is a strategic move that will help you into the future when full service is restored. We see it as a great move.