September 2008 – GlobaFone Delivers To Emergency Responders!

Award-winning provider coordinates the delivery of hundreds and phones and service to Texas.

Sunday September 14th was hardly a normal day for anyone in Texas, for emergency responders and certainly not for . Ike changed the plans of millions of people across the US.

We monitor events around the world that impact our clients’ communications capabilities, and leading up to the weekend, coverage of massive Hurricane Ike, heading straight for the Texas coast plastered the airwaves. and the websites were permanent fixtures on our web browsers (still are until November 30!).

FEMA staff and numerous Texas agencies had been ordering from in the days leading up to Ike’s landfall so people were well-prepared. Unfortunately Federal money is usually released after a storm hits and after responders evaluate what resources are needed. That’s when teams can bring on additional resources.

By 11:30 Sunday morning after e-mailing back and forth to my FEMA contact the call came: “Lou call in the staff — I’ll have an order to you this afternoon.” Within an hour ’s exceptionally dedicated staff ALL gathered to start the prep work for our award-winning kits. After several hours and several hundred activations (we run them directly from our office), we all left, ready for whatever Monday morning would bring.

With the support of our Service Providers we coordinated delivery of 250 new, fully activated satellite phones to emergency responders in Texas. Relief! People had what they needed.

In addition the request for status on 250 phones arrived and several dozen needed re-activation. We sent the request to a key support person at and within hours all lines were not only re-activated but on a great low-cost rate plan!

had come through (again!), delivering 500 lines of service and 250 phones to key emergency responders in less than 72 hours! This demonstrates why clients choose for their Satcom. I’m quite proud of what we do and for the commitment of the entire staff!

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