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Satellite phones have repeatedly proven themselves invaluable to emergency responders, managers and planners and others who need reliable communications in places where no other systems exist.  But here’s the thing: where do you get your information about satellite phones?  How do you stay up to speed on the latest news in the world of satellite phones?  With networks such as , INMARSAT, Thuraya and all vying for your attention, wouldn’t it be nice to have an objective satellite phone information source?  Well, here we are and better yet, here you are!

The Satellite Phones Info website was created by and is managed by GlobaFone, a leading satellite phone provider to wide array of clients.  From Federal, State and Local Government to critical agencies and enterprise organizations, GlobaFone maintains both an advisory and a approach to discussing satellite phones.  Because we work with five major networks – , INMARSAT, Thuraya, and MSV (through a partner), we offer depth of knowledge, unique satellite phone industry insights and years of experience.  This enables us to provide you with objective information about satellite phones and which satellite network will be the best solution for your specific situation.

This information will be posted here in the various categories; some will be specific – for example, others will address the satellite phone industry in general.  We will update this website on a regular basis so please bookmark this page and visit often.  We’re glad you’re here and look forward to providing you the most relevant satellite phone industry news and commentary.