June 2008 – Satellite Phone Straight Talk – No Nonesense Here!

 The world is a pretty wild and wooly place; dozens if not hundreds of , and are out there, all jockeying for your attention.  And many of them will say anything to win your business.   Often times, information is incomplete, mis-leading and downright inaccurate.  Let’s be honest—from debatable claims of ‘lowest price’ to ‘best service’ there is A LOT of noise out there.  How many times have you been totally underwhelmed by what the other guys are saying or the service they provide to you?  It’s pretty staggering, really.  

 At we’ve had enough of the nonsense so we created the ; written with the sole purpose of providing thought-provoking ideas and, well, straight talk on the topic at hand.   As an objective provider of we are not beholden to any one , so we can fairly evaluate what is out there and offer truly objective commentary on the various solutions.  Other providers frequently only provide one solution so they can only speak of that solution and demerit all others.  In our opinion this is really not very helpful to you, the telecom professional or program manager who must sift through this noise and get the …..  You need clear, concise objective information to help you make good decisions.

Please go to where you will find the that will help you get to the bottom line regarding programs.

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