January 2008 – So What’s With the Rebates?

As you may know, we work with a number of different Service Providers which gives us the distinct advantage of being able to offer to you ‘the best of the best’ when it comes to equipment and airtime packages. Recently, two of our providers introduced valuable incentive programs for satellite service subscribers who are looking to switch to : Activate an , return your and earn a rebate:

Rebate plan 1: Activate a new line and receive $400 per Globalstar phone you return. Two year service agreement on a North American SIM card (limited ’home area’) $750 early termination, Monthly subscription includes 10 min/airtime. There is an additional charge for international use. Return your within 15 days for the rebate, paid at the end of the calendar quarter.

Our take: Great for domestic users, terrible for global users as the ‘roaming’ rate pushes $2.00/minute. The return and rebate conditions are quite restrictive. Our providers has limited this offer to the first 500 subscribers. If you want it, take action now! This will be a very popular program and it ends June 30.

Rebate plan 2: Activate a new line and receive $400 per phone you return. One year service agreement on a global SIM card. $750 early termination, Normal monthly subscription rates apply. Rebate paid whenever the phone is received.

Our take: We like this plan for more flexibility (domestic and international), however $750 termination is steep on a one-year plan. This offer ends February 1.

These rebates create a real incentive if you’re considering moving to as an alternative to . We encourage you to call us for a free evaluation. Call toll-free on 800-826-6152 or dial direct on 603-433-7232.
Editorial note: the $350 rebate plan is no longer available and the $400 rebate plan ends September 30, 2008