May 2008 – Test Your Satellite Phone Week

Last month we told you about ‘Test Your Week’, which started this past Sunday, May 25.  Since our announcement we’ve seen many other providers advocate testing during this crucial time, evidence that the industry supports this broad initiative.

Seen the recent news?  Tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, power outages.  Disasters strike any time and have repeatedly proven themselves as THE best source of during and after a disaster, when all other are inoperable or destroyed.

Now is the time to ensure your are working, not when disaster strikes and you pull them off the shelf only to discover the batteries are dead and there are no instructions.

Your participation in ’Test Your Week’ will help you avoid that challenging scenario.

So no matter what kind of you have, please….take some time to be sure they are working and your people know how to use them.  If you need help, call us.
At we advocate monthly satellite phone testing and training to ensure that everyone knows how to use the if needed.

The # 1 issue after disasters is people not knowing how to use their .  That can cripple your emergency operations and put lives at risk.

So be sure to participate in ’Test Your Week’ so you know how to use one of your most important emergency tools.