May 2008 – Just in time for Hurricane Season!

For many years has been proactively supporting Federal, State and local agencies with Emergency preparedness and .  This puts us in a unique position—we know what it takes to support your people, your ‘Heroes’, when they are saving lives.

Among the many resources you need is an off-the-shelf, self-contained ; something that will work reliably when your people need it to work.  We have featured the in the past and clients love the ‘all-inclusive’ concept.  The includes:

handheld phone             ·
User Guide
2 batteries
Pelican 1300 case
Plug Adapters
500 min of airtime, valid 1 year
Leather phone case
24 hour support.  
Mag-Mount Antenna  w/8 Ft. Cable and adapter     
Value-priced at just $2,297.00,
delivered to your door!

We’re making this special offer to help you acquire the kits you’ll need in case of emergencies.  Time after time, disaster after disaster, Satcom has proven itself as THE most reliable communications solution. So buy your today—this special pricing ends September 30th.  For further information and discussion, please call on us 800-826-6152