Iridium has reactivated their Globalstar buy-back program!  This program was very popular when it was first implemented last year, enabling hundreds of organizations to save tens of thousands of dollars while acquiring Iridium phones at a terrific price.  Satellite phones are much-needed for emergency response and business continuity situations.  Response to Hurricane Ike is just one example of where satellite phones were used to serve the public in response and rescue.

 GlobaFone clients have saved over $44,000 with the rebate program!

Here’s how the rebate program works:

Buy a brand new Iridium 9505A phone from GlobaFone
Sign up for the North American Rate plan –
Turn in any qualifying Globalstar phone – see models below
Receive a rebate of up to $350 for each phone you buy

In the current budgetary climate, this rebate plan gives you a great way to purchase Iridium phones and utilize the reliability of their satellite network for your critical communications.   When lives are potentially on the line, your phones have to work.  

So be sure to place your order early so you can get your Iridium phones promptly and be prepared for power outages, blizzards, floods, fierce storms, emergencies and the 2009 hurricane season that is just around the corner.

North American rate plan details:

$40/month, includes 10 free minutes of airtime per month, non-pooled, non-rollover
The plan is a 2 year agreement with a $750 early termination fee
Calls made/received outside of North America will cost $2.49/minute

Globalstar phone must be returned to GlobaFone within 10 days of your Iridium activation

Rebate paid at the end of the calendar quarter

The following phones qualify for the rebate:

        * Qualcomm GSP-1600 * Qualcomm GSP-1700  * Qualcomm GSP-550  * Ericsson R-290  * Telit SAT-550

        * Telit SAT-600  * GSP-2900 Fixed Unit  * GSP-2800M Marine Fixed  * GSMP 2100/2101
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* FAU 200

 So take advantage of this great opportunity—buy an Iridium phone and activate service on the North American plan, send in your Globalstar phone and get up to $350 back!  This is a great way to save money buying a communications device you know you need to save lives and protect your business assets.