June 2008 – Iridium Satellite Phone rebate offer extended!

Our January 2008 Newsletter featured the Iridium rebate plan.

Iridium created the rebate plan as an incentive for you to replace your Globalstar phones with brand new Iridium phones and a new subscription.   As an Iridium reseller, GlobaFone can help you navigate this program because there are a few caveats you need to be aware of.   Here’s how the rebate program works:

Buy an Iridium phone and activate it on the North American rate plan for just $40/month which includes 10 minutes of airtime per month.  This is great for monthly testing procedures.
The included 10 minutes are good in the North American footprint and additional minutes cost just $1.49/minute.
Airtime outside of the North American footprint, costs $2.49/minute.
This two-year contract has a $750 early termination fee .
We need to receive your Globalstar phone within 10 days of activating your Iridium phones.  The rebate is a one-to-one basis—one $400 rebate for each Globalstar phone which is activated for one new Iridium.
The rebate credit or check will be issued at the end of the calendar quarter.
There is a limited supply of phones eligible for the rebate—first come, first-served.

Numerous Globalstar phone models qualify for this rebate so e-mail us for a list.  This is a great program and you will save (tens of?) thousands of dollars on the Iridium phones you are looking at right now or will be looking at in the near future.  Take advantage of the rebate program now! We are here at your service so please call us at the GlobaFone office if you have any questions. 800-826-6152.