March 2008 Newsletter – INMARSAT I-4 satellite launch delayed

Proton Breeze M rocket fails to place Dish Network HDTV satellite in orbit. INMARSAT to review use of launch vehicle for F3 launch

On Saturday 15th March, INMARSAT was informed by International Launch Services (ILS) that its launch of another operator’s on a Proton Breeze M rocket had suffered an anomaly, resulting in the failure of the mission.

The Proton rocket failed to place the into a high enough orbit, leaving it about 5,000 miles below the desired orbit. It may take up to two years to place the at the proper altitude.

INMARSAT has contracted with ILS to launch the third -4 using the same Proton launch vehicle from Kazakhstan in late April 2008. However, in view of this incident they have suspended plans to ship the -4 F3 to the launch site.

expects the launch to be postponed pending an investigation of the launch failure by ILS and the Russian State Commission and does not expect the delayed launch to have any long-term material implication for the expansion of INMARSAT service. and ILS are reviewing the options to proceed with the launch schedule.

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