INMARAST Fleet BroadBand 150 Service

 The perception long has been that maritime are expensive and ‘not for us’.  has introduced the Fleet Broadband 150 terminals and service to lower the cost of full-function marine internet and voice access, meaning now it is ‘for us’.

service is tailored for smaller maritime platforms such as fisheries and leisure vessels. It is ideal for checking weather reports, sending and receiving emails and keeping in touch with the office or home with low-cost voice and data plans .

The powerful, fast, and effective FB150 service delivers data communications with speeds of up to 150 kbps, simultaneous voice and SMS on the smallest and lightest of terminals.
The FB150 above-deck antenna unit is highly compact and easy to install.  The below deck unit is similarly scaled and offers standard interfaces for quick and easy connection to PCs and ‘off the shelf’ peripherals.

With this new service the family is complete and now consists of:
1) FB150: Standard IP up to 150 Kbps, SMS, voice, fax
2) FB250: Standard IP up to284 Kbps, streaming up to 128 Kbps, SMS, voice, fax
3) FB500: Standard IP up to 432 Kbps, streaming up to 256 Kbps, SMS, voice, fax, ISDN

With terminals from and AddValue, and a variety of rate plan options there is a Fleet Broadband solution for everyone.

Call us today at 800-826-6152 to learn more about this low-cost, powerful solution.