February 2008 – Want to use your Iridium phones indoors?

“OK, Lou, now you’ve lost it! Use my Iridium phones indoors?” you say. “YES!” I say, “use your Iridium phones indoors. Better yet, use your portable phones indoors”

One of the reasons I love what we do is the number of opportunities for us to find really, really cool, functional solutions and then tell you about them! This device is awesome:

It is called Satmax and it brings three Iridium channels into your building. Here’s how it works: Mount the antennas on the roof and run your cables to the junction box and transmitter. Configure your transmitter to ‘broadcast’ your foot print; horizontal, vertical, elliptical, however you want it. Enable a single floor, or enable several floors. Run the cables hundreds of feet and bring the footprint into your EOC in the basement of your building. This thing is awesome!

Satmax comes in three-channel configurations so three people can talk at a time. Need more channels? Install additional Satmax units.

GlobaFone has just become a reseller of this powerful device so we can set you up with an entire system—from antennas to Iridium phones to airtime. Call or e-mail us today to learn more!