March 2008 Newsletter – A US number for your Iridium satellite phone?

Among the issues with using an phone has historically been having the ability and budget to dial directly to your satellite phone handset(s). Two of the major issues are:

  • The cost of the call – up to $7.00/minute from your long distance provider
  • The fact that ’s phone numbers are constellation-based not terrestrially-based.

Based on the pricing of calls, it is obvious why often times businesses and government agencies do not allow direct dial international calls from their phone systems. However, the problem remains: How do you call your ?

SIMPLE: Iridium is now offering US-based phone numbers that ring on your phone. This makes owning and using phones easier than ever.

For a monthly fee of $15.00, plus the cost of calls on your satellite rate plan, dial a US number and reach your phones. US numbers are unique to each satellite phone: This is not two-stage dialing. Have 50 phones—you’ll have 50 US-based numbers.

The bottom line? Add US-based numbers to your satellite service and direct dial your satellite phones. Call us to learn more and sign up for your US-based numbers today!