BGAN Terminals and Service

Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) service provides high speed data in places where there is no infrastrutcture.  If you need to send large files, broadcast, stream video or have many users that need e-mail, BGAN is a great option.

First introduced a number of years ago, BGAN has evolved to a point where you can have BGAN service on land, on the water (Fleet Broadband) or in the air (Swift Broadband).  There are a number of terminals available so rather than gum up the works with 16 different web pages and PDF spec sheets, we present one easy to use matrix that give you a simple, comprehensive look at the various terminals.   As a government client, there is only one BGAN service plan that Inmarsat makes available to you. It includes 75 Mb/monthly.

Take a look at the matrix and then call us at 603-433-7232 so we can discuss with you the BGAN terminal that makes the most sense for your situation.   We’ll also share details of the service plan for you. 

Click here for the BGAN Matrix