Hang On To Your Hat!

‘It is impossible to travel at the speed of light and certainly not advisable as one’s hat keeps blowing off’ Anonymous

The arctic vortex and winter storms Hercules and Ion aside, we are in for one wild ride and 2104 is not even a week old!  During interviews with potential employees, we frequently point out that even if the value proposition for SatCom is relatively simple, it still after all rocket science.  One thing is for sure; change.  The quote is not really directly related to this week’s post, I just happened to remember it from Mr. Rasmussen’s 5th grade science class and it supported the title.  Yet I digress….

If we look back at some of the developments of 2103 – Globalstar’s re-emergence, Iridium’s design approval, financing and developments within Aerion and Inmarsat’s launch of the first 1-5 satellite and purchase of Globecomm.  These events contribute to the groundwork for what will certainly be a year of change and action in SatCom.  I’ve often touted on my ‘SatCom 101’ webinar that they are always evolving as the industry changes and 2014 is sure to be a grand adventure.

O3b has begun service and is yet to continue, Iridium will be building and preparing for NEXT satellite launches, Globalstar will be updating ground stations and handsets to avail of the new constellation’s Gen2 services.  KVH is pushing ahead, the big four VSAT providers are mo ving forward.  This does not count the smaller, less visible action of new distributors signing on and others signing off, via merger, acquisition or just having the founder retire.  There is always plenty to follow.

So what will 2104 bring us?  Hard to say more specifically than what I have outlined above, but one thing is for sure: the SatCom industry is always evolving.  There will be new solutions, new pricing models, new value propositions and change by the month, if not week.

So stay tuned, keep reading and I’ll keep posting what you’ll need to know to stay on top of this exciting industry.