Iridium Establishes Iridium South Africa

Iridium Communications Inc. has established “Iridium South Africa,” which is now licensed to operate and sell Iridium mobile satellite services (MSS). The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), which serves as the regulator for South Africa’s communications/broadcasting sectors granted the approval. Iridium South Africa enables Iridium‘s partners to serve government, commercial and enterprise clients as demand for Iridium’s products in the country continue to grow.

As the only truly global MSS system, Iridium continues to see increased demand for its voice and data services. This increased demand prompts new product and service development from Iridium’s Value Added Manufacturers (VAMs). This helps Iridium maintain strong growth which will likely increase as the new constellation, NEXT is launched and goes live.

It is anticipates that the South African government will utilize Iridium‘s MSS for backup communications in both urban and rural areas, for emergency communications. The transportation, logistics, security, oil and gas, and mining sectors will likely benefit from Iridium’s voice and data service offerings.

Iridium’s voice and data services are ideally suited for South Africa’s rugged coastal areas with access to both the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Additionally, South Africa’s large rural areas and substantial mining operations mean large areas with no other communications. South Africa’s established and emerging industries, developing infrastructure, tourism and adventure industry also support Iridium as an essential service in South Africa.