BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan, August 4, 2008

– The launch of a Proton M / Breeze M vehicle, with the -4 F3 satellite, has been delayed to allow time to replace and retest a launcher electrical component.

A fault was discovered during testing of the rocket stage, following attachment of the -4 F3 satellite to the launch vehicle. This occurrence is being announced simultaneously by Khrunichev State Research and Production Centre – the launch vehicle builder, International Launch Services and by . The companies anticipate that the delay will be a matter of days and will provide a further update as soon as possible.

Comments Eugene Jilg, Chief Technology Officer, :

“This is the kind of incident that these final, thorough tests are intended to disclose; the system has worked. is working with ILS and Khrunichev to understand fully the cause, corrective action, and retest programme. We will take whatever time is necessary to ensure this matter does not inhibit a successful launch. That said, we do not currently expect a delay to be more than a matter of days.”

Check back to this website to see the lateset developments. The I-4 F3 will bring ‘s service to the Pacific ocean regions and part of Asia.