NSR Report Suggests Satellite Data and Tracking Devices Gaining Attention

Happy belated Fourth of July. Here in New Hampshire, Exeter is recognized as the site where the Declaration of Independence was read on July 16, 1776. It took a couple of weeks for news to reach our state, since word spread via a courier on horseback. So in a sense our true celebration will happen in a couple of weeks. Times have certainly changed from the way we received news more than 200 years ago when important messages were tacked to a tree or announced by a messenger. The world of satellite communication is an example of how the way we exchange words and data has changed so drastically.

We are proud of our independence and also pleased to expand on some recent news in the satellite industry. Northern Sky Research (NSR) has made it known in its Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) 7th edition report, that these services are on the move in the right direction. The predictions are largely due to increased satellite development, increase in bandwidth, and affordable price points. According the report, “The next ten years will see not only more MSS satellite delivered but a growing number of FSS network service providers that will specifically target maritime, government and military users.” Looking forward the report indicates a larger audience in search of MSS requirements include boaters, the airline industry, and other professional markets.

As a provider of global satellite communication, GlobaFone will always be following the market, and identify emerging products and trends via our distribution partners. Tracking is gaining more attention in the satellite market, as to is data exchange. We encourage our readers to check in weekly as we post updates on situations where these technologies are being used. John Taylor had to wait 2 weeks to announce the words of the Declaration of Independence. Today, we live in a world where there is no patience for late breaking news. Globafone is in the loop to provide data, voice, and tracking as soon as possible. As always, visit our website, or call us directly with any questions.