Iridium Extreme – Availability and New Features

The new Iridium 9575 will be available to the market “soon,” Iridium announced yesterday in a Live webinar by Iridium CEO Mathew Desch. The Extreme phone which is part of the company’s Iridium Force campaign will bring new features to the satellite phone market including military grade ruggedness, GPS location and integrated tracking, SEND command (SOS),and a smaller handheld that is waterproof. There is much more to the Force rollout which includes an Axcess Point which is a wi-fi hotspot via satellite and is compatible with both the 9555 and the 9575 to deliver true mobile capabilities for its users. A USB cable attached to your satellite phone will enable mobile commands through a cellular phone, although at  slower speeds. If you have a laptop, a free application will be available for download as well.

Changes to the phone include: SOS button and indicator, speaker phone connection, and accessory connector.  GlobaFone is now accepting orders for the Irdium Extreme. Reserve yours today. Please call 1-800-826-6152.