What Do They Respect About You?

Respect.  What does it mean to you? 

We all understand it, but how do you articulate it?  A quick internet search and I found this definition:

A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something
elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements

Seems about right.  We respect policemen and women, firefighters and military service members because of their selflessness and courage.  We may respect wealthy people because of their financial success or philanthropy or paradigm-shifting vision. We respect schoolteachers because of their commitment to our children.  We can go on and on with who we respect and why we respect them. 

I have a theory on the reason that lowest-cost satellite phone providers, base their business almost entirely on price and price alone. Before we get to that, let me provide some context about respect with these vignettes

  1. I was volunteering at a competition recently where the rules state that there is no running. It seemed the more we asked the kids (15-18 year old) to stop running, the more they did, in fact at one point, upwards of 100 of them ran full speed in full view of our administration team. One of the staff commented about how disrespectful that was.  By contrast a segment of the kids voted to award me the safety star for my relentless announcements about the no running rule and a dozen or so asked for my autograph, most on their running shoes.
  2. On the flight home the woman next to me spent the entire taxi and take-off on her phone, scrolling through Facebook. Taxi and take-off – you know, the time when we are asked to have our phones in airplane mode or off. What life-altering post could not wait the two hours?  I mean, it’s Facebook.  I am not always a strict rule-follower, but I comply with this request, unless it is something really urgent.  And I cannot even remember the last time that happened.  Then, as the harried, flight attendant serving meals, literally juggling trays, she asked for a vodka/tonic.  And we were to be served next!  It couldn’t wait five minutes until the poor woman was finished serving others and it was ‘our time’?  Maybe I’m hypersensitive, or just something about this woman bugged me, but I found her behavior disrespectful.

That got me thinking to the SatCom space – does this translate over to satellite phone providers?  I say it does.  Lowest cost providers are lowest-cost providers because all they respect is money.  That means their decisions are financially-based and they attract like-minded customers – the ‘cheapest is best’ crowd. Lowest cost providers push products, cut pricing whenever there is an objection and cannot or will not provide much or any help after the sale, unless they absolutely must.  They don’t care about YOU and your challenges and desired results, they just want your money. 

Compare this to quality providers that respect your time, knowledge, staff, location, problems, and desired results.  We want you to understand the solution we present so we preface the solution by taking the time to talk with you, educate you, learn about you, your organization and your goals.  Only after doing this will we help you choose the proper solution for you, not merely the solution with the highest profit.  By the way, this dynamic means you will have a provider that is worthy of your business and if they are really good, you won’t ever want to change.  Quality providers understand this and they work hard to earn, and keep your trust.   

There are many providers who claim the lowest prices AND best service.  Beware of them; that duo cannot exist.  If you have the lowest prices, you only care about selling, not serving.  And if you are serving, there is small additional cost added for that knowledge, industry insight, education, extra effort, and after-hours calls.  That kind of support and help is not free, so if you are willing to be fully respected, choose a provider that doesn’t boast about low prices. 

Choose a provider that will fully support you all the way from the prospecting call to that urgent ‘has-to-be-here-tomorrow’ order to that critical, potentially life-saving 2:00 AM emergency support call.  You don’t want to over pay for SatCom and that criteria will be based on the value you feel you receive.  When you over pay, you lose a little bit of money.  By contrast underpaying is far more expensive, especially with SatCom where lives can be at risk.

There are many SatCom providers that will respect your time, energy, responsibilities and your budget.  Choose one of these providers. They respect YOU. 

Not just your checkbook.

Thanks for reading!