Blowing Up the ‘Lowest Price is Best’ Myth

If your SatCom provider claims, ‘We have the lowest prices’, odds are they only care about your money.  Why else do they offer the lowest price?  Sure, it may seem like a great deal initially, but when you or your people are immersed in an after-hours emergency, and you call your lowest priced SatCom provider for help will they answer?

Probably not.  They didn’t promise you anything other than the lowest price.

At GlobaFone we care about YOU. To best serve you we need to know your situation so we’ll discuss with you the things that are FAR more important than just lowest price:

  • What is your goal with SatCom?
  • How knowledgeable are you about SatCom
  • What do you need SatCom to actually do for you?
  • What functionality do you need?
  • How can we best help you?

We help you understand the SatCom industry: Why one solution is better for you than another, what each solution does, how the best solution aligns with the results you want, and works within your budget. One of our clients told us that he is responsible for the safety of 120,000 employees.  Our CEO, Lou Altman told him that means GlobaFone is also responsible for the safety of 120,000 employees (as far as SatCom is concerned).  As a GlobaFone client your challenge is our challenge, your results are our results.  We partner with you to tackle the issues you face that SatCom can solve.   

GlobaFone provide the best value, not lowest price. Big Difference. 

Sure maybe a GlobaFone satellite phone costs a little more (depending on the solution).  Is it worth it?  That’s your call because you define value.  But consider this:

When you need help, no matter what time of day or day of the week, wouldn’t you prefer to have a SatCom provider that cares about you and not just your money? You need an answer, not a recording asking call back during regular business hours.  So many SatCom users are emergency responders, police, fire and military.  Their/your office is never closed and neither is ours.  24/7 help for a 24/7 business. Disasters happen anytime, not just during ‘regular business hours’.  

We’re here to serve you so please contact your favorite GlobaFone team member who will be happy to help you. Call us at 603-433-7232 or e-mail us HERE

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