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Non Governmenet can also buy at special pricingThe Federal Government’s fiscal year ended September 30 and a new budget and new spending began October 1st.  As Federal Agencies allocated the last of their 2009 budgets,  made an unprecedented offer that will help Agencies stretch those budget dollars.  Due to the response, we’re extending the special pricing!  Place your phone order by October 31:

Your Federal Government price will be $1,425!
The non-government price will be just $1,525!

And, this is an important fact you need to know about this special offer: These prices are not for a ‘phone in a box’, these prices are for the legendary kit:

A fully charged phone
The SIM card inserted
The PIN code removed
The phone labeled with the phone number
The phone tested by making a test call
All packed in a padded nylon bag with all the accessories

The kit allows you to use your phone straight out of the shipping box, no time-wasting un-packing and setup.  So that’s the deal:
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  $1,425 for Government complete kit, $1525 for non-government.

 If you have special requirements and circumstances, we will work with you.  And you can use a credit card to place your order.   Please call us at 800-826-6152.


INMARAST Fleet BroadBand 150 Service

 The perception long has been that maritime are expensive and ‘not for us’.  has introduced the Fleet Broadband 150 terminals and service to lower the cost of full-function marine internet and voice access, meaning now it is ‘for us’.

service is tailored for smaller maritime platforms such as fisheries and leisure vessels. It is ideal for checking weather reports, sending and receiving emails and keeping in touch with the office or home with low-cost voice and data plans .

The powerful, fast, and effective FB150 service delivers data communications with speeds of up to 150 kbps, simultaneous voice and SMS on the smallest and lightest of terminals.
The FB150 above-deck antenna unit is highly compact and easy to install.  The below deck unit is similarly scaled and offers standard interfaces for quick and easy connection to PCs and ‘off the shelf’ peripherals.

With this new service the family is complete and now consists of:
1) FB150: Standard IP up to 150 Kbps, SMS, voice, fax
2) FB250: Standard IP up to284 Kbps, streaming up to 128 Kbps, SMS, voice, fax
3) FB500: Standard IP up to 432 Kbps, streaming up to 256 Kbps, SMS, voice, fax, ISDN

With terminals from and AddValue, and a variety of rate plan options there is a Fleet Broadband solution for everyone.

Call us today at 800-826-6152 to learn more about this low-cost, powerful solution.

Iridium OpenPort Wins Award

Global Telecoms Business (GTB) has awarded its 2009 GTB Innovation Award to for excellence in Wireless Network Infrastructure Innovation. The award recognizes the groundbreaking

system, the world’s first and only global high-speed voice and data service for the maritime market. OpenPort has a small, light weight, omni-directional antenna array can be quickly installed on any convenient on-deck location. It does not require a stabilization platform and is virtually maintenance free. With no moving parts, the array improves uptime, lowering the total cost of operations. delivers up to three phone lines for simultaneous use and features always-on data with speeds up to 128 kbps – on an all-IP backbone.

Test Your Satellite Phone!

Coinciding with the National Hurricane Preparedness Week, ‘Test Your Satellite Phone Week’ ensures your phones are working and will be ready when you need them.

Call the testing hotline at +1-480-752-5105.  Callers will hear a recorded message confirming that their call was completed and it will also offer quick tips on proper handset usage. This is a free call to Iridium subscribers.

If you have a phone from another satellite networks ask them the cost before you call.

Iridium Planning for NEXT

The April 13 issue of Forbes features an article on Dan Colussy’s fight to bring back from bankruptcy almost 10 years ago.  The article calls the original Iridium concept “daft”, but it does pay homage to the overall validity of the Iridium concept.  

Some of the interesting points of the article:

Vice-President Al Gore made the ceremonial first call in 1999

·  Nine months later Iridium filed for bankruptcy

·   The DOD agreed to pay $36 Million/year for five years for unlimited airtime on 20,000 phones

·   CEO Matt Desch joined Iridium in 2006 and has lead the development and financing of the NEXT constellation

This is a great story, AND the future looks pretty exciting:
GHL Acquisition Corp (GHQ), run by investment bank Greenhill & Co. (GHL) has agreed to take Iridium public, closing this year. (Note: GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman owns GHQ)

·   Data users now produce almost as much revenue as voice callers and will soon produce more.

When launched in 2014, the new constellation will have the power to connect any spot on Earth at high speeds.  Iridium’s data connections can run at 128,000 bps, Iridium NEXT will run data at 10 mbs, or 78 times as fast.

·   plans to raise money by selling space on its satellites for modern imaging equipment, from scientific gear for measuring atmospheric chemistry and climate change to cameras that could help Google refresh its maps every few seconds

Please feel free to call us at 800-826-6152 to discuss any of Iridium’s products and services.  For the complete article, please visit


Globalstar Secures Financing

Globalstar, Inc. has announced that Coface has agreed to provide a guaranty in support of a proposed $574 million credit facility to be extended by a syndicate of banks to Globalstar as borrower. Coface, the export credit agency acting on behalf of the French government, has advised Globalstar that it intends to provide long-term credit insurance to facilitate the proposed credit facility. Banks who have received initial credit committee approvals in relation to the approximately 6.30 percent interest rate credit facility include BNP Paribas, Natixis, and Société Générale, which would act as mandated lead arrangers (BNP Paribas is acting as Coface Agent). The credit facility and receipt of funding by Globalstar is subject to closing conditions and there can be no assurance at this time that any such closing will actually occur.

The principal closing conditions include the conversion into equity at closing of senior secured term and revolving credit loans to Globalstar from its principal stockholder Thermo Funding Company LLC and the receipt by Globalstar of additional equity and contingent equity in an amount of approximately $100 million, most of which is expected to be provided by Thermo Funding.   
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Globalstar intends to use the financing to solidify its long-term space system by funding the manufacture and delivery of the Globalstar second-generation satellites by Thales Alenia Space as well as the launch of those satellites by launch services provider Arianespace. The financing would also be used to facilitate certain long-lead items connected with the accelerated delivery of the Company’s second-generation satellites, the completion of Globalstar’s next-generation ground facilities and the design of Globalstar’s next-generation of satellite interface chipsets.


Iridium has reactivated their Globalstar buy-back program!  This program was very popular when it was first implemented last year, enabling hundreds of organizations to save tens of thousands of dollars while acquiring Iridium phones at a terrific price.  Satellite phones are much-needed for emergency response and business continuity situations.  Response to Hurricane Ike is just one example of where satellite phones were used to serve the public in response and rescue.

 GlobaFone clients have saved over $44,000 with the rebate program!

Here’s how the rebate program works:

Buy a brand new Iridium 9505A phone from GlobaFone
Sign up for the North American Rate plan –
Turn in any qualifying Globalstar phone – see models below
Receive a rebate of up to $350 for each phone you buy

In the current budgetary climate, this rebate plan gives you a great way to purchase Iridium phones and utilize the reliability of their satellite network for your critical communications.   When lives are potentially on the line, your phones have to work.  

So be sure to place your order early so you can get your Iridium phones promptly and be prepared for power outages, blizzards, floods, fierce storms, emergencies and the 2009 hurricane season that is just around the corner.

North American rate plan details:

$40/month, includes 10 free minutes of airtime per month, non-pooled, non-rollover
The plan is a 2 year agreement with a $750 early termination fee
Calls made/received outside of North America will cost $2.49/minute

Globalstar phone must be returned to GlobaFone within 10 days of your Iridium activation

Rebate paid at the end of the calendar quarter

The following phones qualify for the rebate:

        * Qualcomm GSP-1600 * Qualcomm GSP-1700  * Qualcomm GSP-550  * Ericsson R-290  * Telit SAT-550

        * Telit SAT-600  * GSP-2900 Fixed Unit  * GSP-2800M Marine Fixed  * GSMP 2100/2101
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* FAU 200

 So take advantage of this great opportunity—buy an Iridium phone and activate service on the North American plan, send in your Globalstar phone and get up to $350 back!  This is a great way to save money buying a communications device you know you need to save lives and protect your business assets.


I’ve been writing this monthly newsletter to inform our clients and prospects about current events in the  space: News updates, Product launches, New products and services.  It occurred to me that I’ve never shared ’s ‘roots’ with our  clients and that we can easily solve another one of your business problems; US cell phones that do not work overseas.

Globafone was founded in 1998 at a time when Cellular One (remember Cellular One? It eventually became AT&T) had local networks and you had to roam from one to the next.

When I went to New York and used Cellular One, there were (outrageous!) roaming fees.   I still have my Nokia 2180 from Bell Atlantic Mobile who eventually became Verizon’s value proposition was the significant lack of roaming within the US, meant there was no roaming outside of the US.

started by renting UK-based mobile phones to business executives traveling abroad—we’d ship the phones to them before they left and collect them when they came back.   We had special partners for Japan and Korea (we still do); they had incompatible networks at the time.  We started renting satellite phones within our first year and shortly after that, selling satellite phones.  Many of our current value-adds came from the cellular rental days: our padded bags, the EasyGuide © card , the pens and our 24-hour support.  All of these were borne from the cellular rental business which still carries on today.

GlobaFone has provided cellular rentals to a wide array of clients from corporations to celebrities to sports teams and we have a variety of solutions for travel situations where a satellite phone is not the best solution (like going to Tokyo).  We offer:

·  Phones with single-number roaming in 200+ countries

· A SIM card that enables you to have a local number in 50+ countries (this saves A LOT of money!)

· Phones for Japan and Korea

· 20+ country-specific phones

Our rental rates vary by week, month and annual lease and we have very flexible options.  Need 20 phones for just one month?  No problem!  Need a specific phone for random trips; we’ve got you covered!   GlobaFone was founded in the phone rental segment and we’ve held on to the superior solutions and options that helped us win client loyalty from Day One
Satcom is not always the best solution, especially in highly populated areas.   So now that you know rents and leases cell phones you have another solution.  Please or call us on 800-826-6152 for more information about our programs.