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What Are You Selling and Why Do I Care?

We’ve all received them; those excellent telemarketing calls. 

They usually come around dinner time or in the early evening (not past 9:00 PM please!) and often at work.  I receive offers to buy credit card processing, sell my timeshare, buy business lists, advertise in a journal, or the program of some retired sports figures playing a charity game against the local fire, police, what have you.  And ALL of them are absolutely awful sale pitches.

I’ll say this up front – the callers are just doing a job so I never get personal with them – in fact I’ll offer suggestions to help them improve their pitch by NOT reading the script, usually written by someone who thinks it contains enough sales triggers for the listener to decide that what they were doing can wait, in place of listening to this absolutely critical information.  If you really want someone to listen to you, you have to have a compelling story or reason, not the usual blah, blah, blah.  I’ve even put down the receiver and noted how long the person talked at me before realizing I wasn’t listening.  Of course the caller thinks what they have to offer is the greatest thing since sliced bread or the wheel, but if you cannot tell me why you want me to think the same, then you are falling miserably.

Want me to care?  Do this:

Sell benefits, not features.  Features may or may not apply to my situation.  Benefits always apply to my situation.  You have to be engaging and ask questions to learn what makes the prospect tick.  An airline representative offered me their co-branded airline AMEX card immediately after I paid with my AMEX card – do I need another AMEX card?  No, and especially not for the ‘status’ that an AMEX card affords.  Feature.  Would I have been interested in the double miles that come with each purchase?  Maybe but we never got there. 

Sell for my reasons not your reasons.  The time-share tour sales guys on the street in vacation destinations are the kings of guilt?  You want me to go on the resort tour so you can make your quota and buy your kid a nice Christmas gift?  How is that my responsibility?  You want me to buy the car so you can win the sales contest with a trip to Hawaii?  Did you seriously just say that?  The most popular radio station in the world remains WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?).  “What do you like to do on vacation?” “What is important in a car to you?”  These questions start us down the path of my reasons.  Nobody who ever bought anything cared one little diddly about the salesperson’s reasons or what they got out of the sale.

Have a compelling unique sales proposition?  What makes your product or service better than what I can find on the internet?  Do you do something different with the services?  Are your satellite phones delivered in a manner that makes them easier to use (BTW – YES, if you buy from GlobaFone).  Do you know enough about your industry to create something special, even from a product or service that I can find anywhere?  For years, I bought gas exclusively from one gas station chain because their stations, stores and restrooms were the cleanest I’d ever seen.  Was their gas any better?  No, but it was a far better experience than anywhere else.  If you cannot articulate in 10 seconds what makes your company/product/service better than the competition, you have some work to do.

So there you have some thoughts to help you more professionally present yourself and you products or services to prospects in a way that will be more engaging for and make your calls more enjoyable, even if with a ‘No thanks’.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to make a cold call…….

Thanks for reading!



I was recently in London for a partner conference with one of my Service Providers.  Economic issues aside, I did see some very interesting products and services, many of which will be bringing to you in the near future.  The first product in this ‘series’ is a great solution called Iconics.

Iconics is a device that enables different radio groups to talk to each other, across hundreds or thousands of miles.  The concept is quite simple: plug your terminal (or any broadband connection) into the Iconics device, plug that into your radio base station and you can now transmit local radio signals across the world.  Or you may just need to communicate across town, from one radio frequency to another—VHF to UHF.  The applications are limitless!  There are three ‘flavors’ of Iconics:

Smart Link  Plus –  this is the solution described above.

Link a local radio system to an incompatible system near or far

This solution enables a local system to manage call traffic from group to group.

Smart Link Server with Admin  –  This solution puts an administrator into the mix, someone who can control communications, create groups, and can actually talk from their computer to the group.  This is a great command and control solution.  Options include a hosted solution with an annual fee or buy the software package and self host.

Here are some other really nifty features of the Iconics system:

A)  Connects dispersed radio groups B)   Solves the interoperability issue

C)  Connects State and local authorities D)  Brings field communication to an administrative level

E)  Supports an unlimited number of groups F)  Gives full control of communication infrastructure and routing

Here’s the best part: Iconics is very affordable.

Starting at just $2590 Iconics offers a new dimension of communication and radio compatibility that rivals any other solution.  Imagine having the ability to link disparate groups (technologically or geographically) into one radio messaging group.  You’ll be able to disseminate messages to the entire group across town or across the planet.  Examples of who needs Iconics now include:

– Military   – Oil & Gas     – Shipping     – NGOs  

– Police, Fire, EMS  – Mining    – Warehouse Logistics     – News teams

– Emergency Responders   – Security services   – Fishing fleets   – Hospitals

 We see great promise for Iconics as an integral part of your communications solution and look forward to providing you with the information you need in order to upgrade and expand your current communications system.

 Please let us know how we can help you better understand Iconics so you can make an informed purchase decision.  Feel free to e-mail us or call us on 800-826-6152 for more information.  Thank you for your support!



Open any periodical or turn on the news and you’ll see and hear about the global recession.  In the US, millions of jobs have been lost, the banking system is in shambles, credit is almost non-existent and people are worried.  I just returned from London, where I heard the same news: a banking bailout, 2 million unemployed and shops closing as people curtail spending.  In Asia, manufacturing has slowed as global consumers curtail buying.  Business is off everywhere.  Is it the symptom of a global economy?  Are markets so intertwined that there is a cascading effect? It certainly seems so.

Despite the grim news, I see a couple of reasons for economic optimism and for Satcom optimism in particular:

1) People with cash can make strategic investments at undervalued prices.

While in London, I was speaking with a fellow from Ireland who tells me that rooms at one of my favorite hotels are on sale.  Couple that with the lower value of the Euro and I could have a very inexpensive mid-autumn break with my wife.  Here in the US, many stocks are bargain-priced with strong upside potential.  The real estate market has taken a drubbing which means people with cash can pick up nice homes at fire-sale prices.  Given the upside potential, these investments could double in a short period of time.  The bottom line is that there are opportunities out there that will drive us out of this recession, given enough new investment and a bit of time, which highlights my second point and the primary focus of this discussion:

2) Satcom will continue to play an increasing role in business growth.

The complexity of the business world today necessitates a great deal of connectivity via Satcom.  Here are some examples:

· Soldiers in-theatre must be connected to command and to family

· Financial institutions transmit sensitive data over secured lines

· Automated reporting, monitoring systems and alarming from facilities in remote locations

· Satellite-based asset tracking  –  knowing the locations of your vehicles such as bulldozers, trucks or cargo containers

These examples of Satcom driven systems create connections that landline and cellular systems cannot support.  These systems will enable business success in this recessionary environment providing more effective solutions at lower cost.  Satcom brings communications to places where there is no other option.

As our world becomes more complex and interconnected, Satcom continues to play a vibrant role in connecting seeming disparate groups to make connections previously not possible.

All business downturns create massive opportunity for innovation.  Satcom will be a reliable and integral part of these innovations.  Here’s to a superb 2009!  Please or call me on 800-826-6152 with your thoughts.   



Inmarsat I4 Satellite Repositioning Underway  
Last year we communicated news about the repositioning of INMARSAT’s I4 satellites in an effort to optimize the network and achieve global I-4 coverage.  As a reminder, repositioning of the I-4 satellite occurred when the new I-4 F3 satellite entered service on 7 January 2009 at 98 degrees West, covering the Americas.   Inmarsat is committed to making every effort to minimizing any impact on customers.  However, the repositioning will require two service outages affecting a small number of broadband and satellite phone service users in two limited geographical areas.  

We will keep you posted when these outages occur.

+870 Single Inmarsat Country Code

Beginning 1 January 2009 calls made to Inmarsat terminals from PSTN network services must be dialed using INMARSAT’s new single country code +870 or by using one of Vizada’s Fixed2Mobile Solutions.  This code replaces the four Inmarsat ocean codes: +871, +872, +873 and +874. Any calls made using the old codes will fail to connect.  It is important that you communicate this development to your users as soon as possible and GlobaFone recommends frequently.

These two developments demonstrate INMARSAT’s commitment to provide the best possible service.

GlobaFone is here to support you.   Please call us at 800-826-6152 if you have any questions about these changes.  



In December we sent notification that would be raising their monthly service rates starting in 2009.  At the time we sent the notices, the amount was unknown.
The compulsory rate increase is now effective and will be reflected on your upcoming bill.  We are passing along the rate increase in a proportion equal to or smaller than the increase to us.

While we were adjusting the rates, we took the opportunity to simplify all of our pricing.

A quick inventory of our prior rate plans revealed numerous rates not offered in years.

is now offering four tiers for Iridium service:

· Retail: $48.00/month

·  Enterprise: $42.00/month (corporate clients)

· Government: $40/month

·  Federal Government: $38./month

the way back full video

The net effect of the price increase and simplification is that many rates will be going up however, some subscribers will actually see their rates decrease.  These rates reflect the basic service plan.  In fact we’ve reduced all of the rates on our inclusive-minute Government plans.

If you have questions about your new monthly rates under  this restructuring please us or call on 800.826.6152.





SPOT Inc, a division of Globalstar has announced SPOT Assist, a new roadside GPS safety service for its award-winning SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger™.  SPOT Assist offers the world’s only roadside assistance that operates solely on satellite technology for virtually seamless coverage independent of cellular networks.

Today’s SPOT Assist’s roadside service offers complete assistance 24/7 in the Continental United States, and in Canada later this spring.  By pressing the ‘Help’ button on the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger users will activate SPOT Assist , instantly alerting a national roadside response center of their GPS location.  Backed by a leading provider of national roadside assistance, SPOT Assist services include roadside towing, auto-accident assistance, fuel services, tire repair, battery service, lost key and lockout.

SPOT Assist combines a GPS receiver with satellite communications technologies to deliver location-based messaging independent of cellular coverage.  The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is a small, rugged hand-held GPS unit that can access a world-wide satellite network system to keep you connected virtually anywhere you travel.

Now with SPOT Assist roadside service, SPOT customers can benefit from a complete GPS safety system which includes four functions that transmit messages based on varying levels of need:

notifies the SPOT Assist roadside response center or others of your GPS location
•    Check In lets contacts know where you are and that you are okay
•    Track Progress sends and saves your location and allows contacts to track your progress using Google Maps™
•    Alert 9-1-1
notifies an emergency rescue coordination center of your GPS location

Since its introduction in December 2007, the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger has helped initiate close to 100 rescues, many which resulted in lives saved, and has transmitted more than 5 million “peace-of-mind” and “track me” messages world-wide.

Pricing and Availability:
SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger retails for $169.99 SRP.  GlobaFone’s SPOT price is $149.99. SPOT Assist will cost  $129.99 per year.  SPOT Assist will include national roadside assistance and unlimited basic SPOT service including Check-in and 9-1-1 emergency response messaging.  SPOT Assist is scheduled to be available for purchase in spring 2009.  SPOT ASSIST is a great service for your SPOT Satellite Messenger.  Please E-mail or call us on 800-826-6152 for more details about SPOT Assist.  

Continuity Insights Publishing Chooses GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman’s White Papers for Website

 Leading Business Continuity Publication Chooses Articles Critically relevant to Industry

 Continuity Insights, a leading Business Continuity resource has selected two white papers written by CEO Lou Altman to be featured on their website for November and December.
Continuity Insights offers a wide array of resources for business continuity professionals and the inclusion of these articles supports strategy that objective knowledge is the most valuable resource when working with Business Continuity planning and solutions, and even day-to-day operations.  
The two white papers, ‘The Strategic Importance of Global Wireless Technology’ and ‘Tips for Safe Global Travel’ provide a unique perspective to an ever-present issue: Business travel frequently takes your people overseas, where things are different.

You want them to stay connected (and justifiably so!) and safe and healthy.

The Strategic Importance of Global Wireless Technology’ provides a non-accounting ROI of why having a global cell phone in today’s business environment makes so much sense.  Many things can happen on travel and having a mobile phone helps in many ways: from closing sales faster to providing updates to calling for help to simply saying good night to loved ones.  The notion of not taking a global mobile phone due to the cost is an extremely short-sighted view.

The white paper ‘Tips for Safe Global Travel’ provides proven tips and techniques to help keep you and members of your organization safe, healthy and productive while traveling. This white paper is a result of direct experience, staff research and client input. There certainly will be a new tip or two, or you can reinforce current good habits.

We’re most pleased to have been recognized for publishing white papers that provide today’s global organizations and their travelers with additional resources that help them to be more successful.  Click the link above to see the articles and as always, please
the clinic complete movies

or call us on 800-826-6152 to discuss how can help you.  


Iridium is now Iridium Communications

On September 29, 2009, and GHL Acquisition completed the transaction to create Iridium Communications Inc. now traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol IRDM.

“This is an important milestone in the life of , as we take the first critical step toward securing the funding required for development and launch of our next generation satellite constellation, becoming a public company and establishing the transparency expected of a company that serves the critical interests of businesses globally,” said Matthew J. Desch, chief executive officer.

“Iridium is a strong company and an innovative competitor,” said Robert H. Niehaus, chairman of the board of directors of Iridium. “Today, with the close of this transaction, has a market cap of more than $785 million and a strong balance sheet with substantial cash. It marks the beginning of a very exciting time in the life of this very dynamic company.”