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It Was Just another Day a Sea and Then Their Iridium Phone Saved Their Lives

We’ll call him Captain ‘Pete’ for this writing.  He has been a GlobaFone client for a number of years.  Two weeks ago I was in the office on a Saturday when one of my sales staff called to tell me an Iridium phone had been responsible for rescuing a client.  She had recieved an e-mail saying that the cliet and crew were on a Chinese freighter.   Of course I wanted to know the story, so here it is: Continue reading

The Top 10 Reasons to Own Iridium Satellite Phones

10)  Global coverage:  There simply is no other satellite phone that offers coverage over every square foot of our big blue planet.  Iridium works everywhere!

9) Network reliability: At any time there always one, usually two, and frequently three satellites overhead.  That means that no matter where you are, odds are you will pick up the network and get calling pronto.

8) Many options:  Iridium has a couple of handheld phones to choose form as well as Vale-Added partners that build fixed phones, docking stations, specialty products – all kinds of solutions for whatever you need.

7) A full kit: When you buy an Iridium phone, it comes with a wall charger with international plugs, a car charger, phone case, mag-mount antenna, antenna adapter, hands free and a User Guide.  It is the most complete handheld phone kit available

6) Tough guy, eh?  The Iridium 9575 phone is the first mil-spec phone built to take the harshest abuse.  It is designed to withstand shock, water and dust.  My teenagers cannot break it.

5) Built-in GPS: Iridium is the only provider that offers GPS tracking capability and an SOS panic button.  Think about the lives put at risk looking for lost hikers (for example), which could easily be found at the press of a button.

4) Value-Added Service Providers: In most cases when you buy an Iridium phone, you’ll receive it in a box and you have to set it up; kind of a pain, but not too bad if you are setting up just one phone.  A nightmare if you are setting up 20, 50, 80 phones.  Providers like GlobaFone of Portsmouth, NH will set up and assemble your phone so you can use it right out of the shipping box.

3) Resources to learn how to use the phone: There are at least a dozen videos that demonstrate how to use your Iridium phone to make and receive calls and voicemail.

2) Pooling airtime: Iridium is the only network under which your Service Provider can create a custom pooled airtime plan.  Many do not, but it is important for you to know it is possible and if your provider doesn’t pool airtime that is a choice they make that costs you more money.

1) Piece of mind: You have an Iridium satellite phone.  You have the most reliable satellite phone with the broadest coverage in the world.

Iridium Announces Second-Quarter Results

Iridium Announces Second-Quarter Results

Iridium reported its financial reports for the second quarter.  Earnings decline from $.23/share to $.18/share.  Despite this decrease in its net income from last quarter, Iridium still produces, arguably the best product on the market.

Commercial revenue was up eight percent from last year’s comparable period.  Commercial voice and data subscribers increased five percent from last year as well.  The company has also added 11,000 voice subscribers during the second quarter.

Iridium’s voice and data solutions continue to improve situational awareness for military personnel. The company still has a strategic relationship with the U.S. Government customers. Voice and data earnings from government customers were down, due in part to the lower priced services.

The quarterly numbers will not impact the plans for the NEXT constellation and Iridium maintains its quality product, service and support.

Iridium Announces 500K Subscribers and Globalstar Schedules Launch

In a recent webinar hosted by Iridium CEO Matt Desch, the company announced subscriber growth had reached the 500 thousand mark. Their client base is 90 percent commercial customers and 10 percent government users. According to the company’s press release – they have experienced a market growth of over 25 percent each year for the past five years which is great news for the industry. The announcement comes as Iridium markets their new rugged and truly mobile Iridium 9575 Extreme. We expect availability of the phone this Fall.

In other news, Globalstar announced in a September 12, 2011 press release, that the third launch of six second generation satellite launches has been scheduled for December 2011.

Iridium Scheduled to Announce New Product Developments

Iridium will make an announcement  on Wednesday, September 7, at 11 a.m., via a live webinar explaining product expansion for the mobile communication market. According to a company announcement, “Iridium CEO, Matt Desch, invites you to the introduction of an extensive roster of new products and services that move Iridium beyond satellite phones, enabling users to connect anywhere, anytime, reaching outside of traditional communications networks.”

Interested parties are encouraged to sign up for the webinar

Iridium 9555 Price Reduction for State Agencies

In an effort to help faciliate federal fiscal year end, GlobaFone has lowered their pricing of the Iridium 9555 to $1049 available to state agencies though Fri., Sept. 30. The pricing model reflects basic delivery of a boxed phone. The GlobaFone user kit can be added to this price for an additional $79. Visit the complete press release for additional details.

In other news, Globalstar has announced the third launch of their second generation satellites for October. This will put the total number of orbiting satellites for the satellite provider at 20, with 12 more left to go before the end of the year. Visit the complete press release for more information.


Iridium 9555, Inmarsat Isat Phone Pro, and Fixed Site Phone Price Changes

The Iridium 9555 satellite phone and the Iridium Fixed Site phone have both undergone price reductions recently due to market flucuations, along with the Inmarsat Isat Phone Pro. The price changes are now reflected on our main website with complete product descriptions. As for specifics, here is the new price list.

  • Iridium 9555 was $1595, and now $1295
  • Inmarsat ISAT Phone Pro was $699, now $599
  • Iridium  Fix Site Phone was
    $3495, now $3095
  • Iridium Outdoor Fixed Site Phone was $3795, now $3595

We encourage you to explore our rates as they include user friendly options for receiving and using your phone right away. Taking the confusion out of the process is one of the reasons many clients use our services.