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Can You Hear Me Now? Globafone Says Yes.

From Hurricane Katrina to war zones in the Middle East, Portsmouth-based Globafone’s satellite phone solutions help organizations, federal agencies and military personnel stay connected. The 13-year-old company had its best year ever in 2010, with sales up 30 percent from 2009—and sales in 2011 held steady. Globafone, which has six employees, counts the New York State Police, the Texas Department of Safety and the U.S. Secret Service as clients.

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Satellite Communications: The Myths, Costs & Capabilities

This past October, New England experienced an early snowstorm that incapacitated businesses when snow laden tree branches crushed power and phone lines from New York City to Maine. Many businesses were prepared for the subsequent power outages via back-up generators, which supported servers and essential services. Yet these precautions did nothing to help anyone connect to the Internet or make a phone call when cable lines and cell towers were crushed with traffic. What so many organizations failed to consider were residual communication plans to ensure voice and data communications remained intact.

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