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It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint

Let me be clear: I have no aspirations to run a marathon. Hey, at my age I don’t even want to run the laps that we do at the gym. I’ve never really liked running, even when I played football and lacrosse. Don’t get me wrong, I hit a terrific gym every day I can – shameless plug for Jay and Nancy Collins at Max Edge Fitness in Hampton, NH (best damn gym on the seacoast of NH!!!). And on this marathon day in Boston, we salute the runners, fans, support teams, police, fire, EMS and everyone else who makes this event happen. I just don’t want to run a marathon myself. By now you are thinking; ‘Oh no, not another misdirected rambling from this guy’. No, I do have a point. Continue reading

What Does Credibility Mean to You?

Sometimes my inspiration for blogs comes from an event and sometimes it comes from random thoughts.  For some reason this weekend I was thinking about credibility.  I’m not sure why. It may have been seeing the bikers greeting each other at the swap meet I rode out to see.  It might have been me thinking about the automatic acceptance of me by my wife’s colleagues/friends and vice-versa.  Or in the movie ‘Goodfellas’, Henry Hill defining, ‘he’s a good fella’, referring to acceptance of a newcomer.  When you throw on a motorcycle helmet and ride 100 miles you have time to think about all kinds of things. Continue reading

Peter Drucker Told Us

It’s always interesting to me when I pick up information that may reveal a bit of the future, especially in the SatCom space. Themes that we’ve talked about in the past include the ‘reutilization’ of SatCom, the demand for apps, and one of this year’s Satellite themes – the demand for satellite broadband as a mainstream solution. Continue reading

Get Your Shades, The Future Is Bright…

Remember that song from the 1980’s – “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades?”.  That’s what I took away from the Satellite conference last week.  In this relatively young industry, developments move fast.  Not building and launching satellites mind you – that literally takes years.  And well it should because after all (say it with me) this actually IS rocket science. Continue reading

Why Do We Still Lose Planes?

Since the disappearance of flight 370 I have been considering how to sound outraged and concerned, rather than bossy and on a sales pitch.  I was a panelist at the Satellite 2104 conference in Washington, DC this week, and I cringe each time the news reports another speculation on flight 370. Continue reading

It Was Just another Day a Sea and Then Their Iridium Phone Saved Their Lives

We’ll call him Captain ‘Pete’ for this writing.  He has been a GlobaFone client for a number of years.  Two weeks ago I was in the office on a Saturday when one of my sales staff called to tell me an Iridium phone had been responsible for rescuing a client.  She had recieved an e-mail saying that the cliet and crew were on a Chinese freighter.   Of course I wanted to know the story, so here it is: Continue reading