Lou Altman on Employee Engagment

Great teams make great companies and great companies produce great results.  So having your team engaged means your company will see great results.  GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman talks about a successful employee engagement strategy.

“As a small business owner, I enjoy the luxury of knowing my employees more closely than most managers, and there is one single thing I did a few years ago that elevated GlobaFone from prior years: I met with each employee and learned about their personal goals. Buy a house, pay for college for three kids, learn about investing for retirement, investing for retirement – these are the actual goals. Then I tied these financial goals to company performance, in a couple of robust years paying out $200,000 in bonuses to five employees.

By aligning employees’ personal successes with that of the company, we all win. They have achieved or made progress on their goals, and as the owner, I have profited from our common goals. When you take the time to learn about employee goals and help them achieve them, the progress is astounding.”

If you are a GlobaFone client, you understand why this works because you experience the employees who take care of you. 

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