Globalstar to Take Satellite Delivery

Thales Alenia Space Facilities has announced that the first three satellites in the Globalstar 2G constellation are ready to be shipped to the launch site. They will fly from from Baikonour on a Soyuz launch vehicle and orbited by Arianespace starting in October. These three satellites are the first launch batch, to be delivered by the end of August. Globalstar contracted Thales Alenia Space for the design and delivery of 48 second-generation constellation low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites that will provide mobile phone and data satellite services. These satellites are now under construction at various Thales Alenia Space facilities in France and Italy.

The new constellation will provide Globalstar’s coverage beyond 2025, and offer a platform for expanded services and innovative solutions. They have a design life of 15 years. Thales Alenia Space played a major role in Globalstar’s first-generation program, as supplier of the satellite payloads, structures, propulsion and thermal subsystems, and several electronics units, as well as systems integration of the entire constellation, including an additional eight satellites launched in mid-2007.

Thales Alenia Space’s long-term partnership with Globalstar, along with another major contract recently signed in this domain, clearly demonstrate the company’s leadership in constellations, based on proven expertise in system design and telecommunications technologies in general.