GlobaFone Partners’ Globalstar and Iridium in the News

Satellite news has been making headlines over the past week as two GlobaFone partners made announcements which shift opportunities in the industry and extend their international reach in the communication market.

Globalstar announced the continuation of its Second Generation constellation. The news hit just as the company is making it apparent that six satellites are being prepared for launch by the end of July, with two additional launches taking place by the end of the year. In all, 32 Globalstar satellites will be active as the new plans compliment the eight first generation satellites already in existence. The upgrades to the Globalstar network will
increase our global range and is just one of the ways we can continue to offer
leading technology and hardware solutions from a substantial provider.   GlobaFone is pleased to be in alignment with the provider  services and we look forward to the restoration of full duplex voice and data services.

In the same context, Iridium and Boeing made it known that Iridium NEXT, the company’s future generation satellite is being developed in a contract via Boeing that extends through 2017.  The investment in lengthy satellite development and integration marks a promising dedication to satellite advancements. As for the future, we at GlobaFone also look forward to seeing these impressive plans taking place at Iridium and hopeful for more details as they become available. More and more, it seems the future for satellite coverage capabilities is progressing and its value is certainly being realized.

Healthy Competition

As for the competition between the two providers, we see it as evolving the industry and ensuring technological breakthroughs in a communication market so many audiences rely on for business continuity, disaster plans, and intelligence. Both strategies extend great value to our clients as they bring a broader range of services in an ever growing market
where reliance on universal communication channels including voice, data, and messaging capabilities are in high demand.  In essence, more satellites translate into greater coverage and reliability for our client base. With both Globalstar and Iridium taking center stage there are sure to be some interesting developments in the months to come. We look forward to answering client questions in the upcoming weeks about what
the new satellite launch and advancements means for the industry.