Who is GlobaFone:

                ‘We help heroes save lives’

What is GlobaFone’s Mission:

                “To enable our clients to communicate whenever, wherever and however they need to, using the solution that works best for them.”

GlobaFone lives this mission daily by offering satellite communications from multiple networks – Iridium, INMARSAT, Thuraya and Globalstar. Our client list is a Who’s Who in Federal Agencies, State Government and the Fortune 500. At GlobaFone, we provide more than great satellite communications solutions: We provide trust to our clients; trust that they are making a good decision, based on our objective viewpoint rather than some low-cost provider who just wants to sell the cookie-cutter ‘solution du jour’.

GlobaFone is a two-time winner of the GSA’s Industry partner Service Excellence Award – one award was given for our nine-hour response and delivery of Satellite phones to NASA after the Columbia disaster. We have supported Federal, State and Local agencies through 9/11, annual hurricane seasons, Katrina, blizzards, floods and power blackouts. Clients choose to work with GlobaFone because we focus on their goals and mission; the bottom line is that we focus on their results. One of our Federal clients says it best: “Lou, we work with you because you just get it done”.

GlobaFone’s objective information empowers our clients to make intelligent decisions. Testament to our success lies in the fact that over 40% of new GlobaFone business is from unsolicited referrals within an agency or affiliated group.

If you’re tired of the nonsense out there, call us today – 603.433.7232.