Thank You from GlobaFone

The holiday season is upon us and one additional gift (or lump of coal) for you this year is that I get to write this message.  Bridgette has thus far kept me at bay in terms of writing this blog, but since she isn’t here today…..

GlobaFone had another terrific year.  We won some significant contracts, worked on some very interesting projects and solved some major problems for clients, proving that the GlobaFone value proposition is alive, well and gaining momentum.  If you are a new GlobaFone client, welcome!  If you are with us for another year, thank you for continuing to trust us.

We have some fantastic plans in the works for 2012 and beyond!  We’ve already hired a new staff member, to start in two weeks and I anticipate more to come.  Some of these enhancements will make it easier to work with us, many will simply enhance your GlobaFone/Satcom experience, ALL are designed to make us more effecient and to provide you with a higher level of service.    Remember that this business is NOT about satellite phones – it is about your results and our mission to help you achieve your results.

So, from me to you, from Team GlobaFone to you and from our families to yours  – Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a safe and joyous New Year’s celebration.

We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you for years to come.

Best wishes,

Lou Altman, GlobaFone CEO