GlobaFone to Exhibit at the Commercial Marine Expo in Norfolk, Virgina this Week

This week, starting Wednesday, June 22 – Thursday, June 23, GlobaFone’s Peter Allen will be exhibiting satellite phone technology for resale by our company at the Commercial Marine Expo (CME) in Norfolk, Virgina. Our presence at the convention marks the importance of satellite communication in the marine industry as both leisure and commercial boaters rely on the devices while offshore at a range not covered by cellular signals.

Satellite communication is fast becoming the choice device when it comes to making offshore calls and obtaining data over the Internet due to its reliability and air time plans. While cellular phones and radios bring many benefits to boaters, a satellite signal allows commercial fishing professionals and water sport enthusiasts to make personal contact with family and friends while offshore, and even download maps and other critical data while at sea. Radios provide coverage but are open airwaves for anyone to listen in on.

Products represented at the CME convention by GlobaFone include: Globalstar, Beam Oceana 400 and 800, Skipper 150 Fleet Broadband, ISAT Pro Phone (Inmarsat handheld with GPS), and the Iridium 9555. There is hope that Peter will be able to demonstrate the Oceana at our booth as he was awaiting shipment of the device to Virgina upon his arrival.

Some of the perks of the Oceana which is new to the market include marine applications such as crew calling, captain calling, and PABX integration (a single line allowing multiple external lines to staff). Be sure to visit with Peter at the Half Moon Cruise Ship Terminal in Norfolk over the next couple of days and learn about the many options when it comes to satellite technology in the marine industry. Our goal is to understand your problem, and discuss available options for the best possible solution.